Smaller, but bigger: New Sony PS5 comes with removable optical drive, more storage

In the early hours of October 11th, Sony made an exciting announcement, mirroring the trend of making gadgets smaller and more convenient. The update for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) brings several noteworthy enhancements to the popular gaming console that will see it earn praise even from doubters.

Smaller Console, Expandable Storage

According to information obtained by IGN, Sid Shuman, Senior Director, SIE Content Communications, said, “The same technology features that make PS5 the best to play are packed into a smaller form factor, along with an attachable Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive and a 1TB SSD for more internal storage.”

This means that gamers can continue to manually remove the cover plate and install additional SSD storage themselves.

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The original PS5 model boasted 825GB of internal storage, with only 667GB available for game storage. In this latest iteration, the storage has been upgraded to a more spacious 1TB to allow for the storing of more titles.

However, with today’s AAA titles regularly exceeding 100GB in size, even 1TB may struggle to hold more than a handful of games.

Smaller, Lighter, and More Tweakable

Compared to the first-generation PS5, the current model is both smaller and lighter. While its performance remains unchanged, the built-in solid-state drive has been upgraded from just over 800GB to 1TB in capacity.

Notably, the optical drive in this version can be detached, and the digital edition can be retrofitted with a Blu-ray optical drive at a later stage.

This new model, often referred to as the “PS5 Slim” in previous leaks, is intended to replace both the existing PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition due to its slimmer and shorter profile.

In terms of aesthetics, the new PS5 model features four distinct cover plates, with a glossy top and a matte finish on the bottom. A sleek black strip runs across the console, visually dividing it in half. Sony has also provided a new, separately purchasable stand with a fresh design for the console.

Pricing for the New PS5

In terms of pricing, the new PS5 Optical Drive version is priced at $499.99, while the Digital Edition is available for $449.99. The Optical Drive can also be purchased separately for $79.99 (approximately 583 Chinese Yuan).

Alternatively, users can opt to buy a high-definition Blu-ray drive for $79.99/€119.99/£99.99 and install it themselves, essentially replicating the existing PS5 setup.

Sony has announced that the new PS5 will be available first in the United States and on the PlayStation Direct store in November. The rest of the global market will gradually receive the update in the coming months. Additionally, Sony has confirmed that the older PS5 model will be discontinued, making the new PS5 the only available option once the existing inventory is depleted.


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