Arctic Wolf Acquires Revelstoke to Create Hyperadvance AI-Backed Security Tech

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Arctic Wolf acquires Revelstoke Security, a venture-backed cybersecurity provider, to boost capabilities in managed cybersecurity services. However, the terms of the dea remain undisclosed.

Arctic Wolf, known for its prowess in monitoring organizations’ infrastructures for malicious activity and vulnerabilities, is on a mission to enhance its security operations and minimize response times. Revelstoke’s technology could play a key role in enhancing such capabilities.

Combining AI-Powered Capabilities

Revelstoke specializes in Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platforms, underpinned by a united data layer. After the acquisition, Arctic Wolf could build lightning-fast detection across an organization’s entire attack surface and real-time, automated response actions at scale.

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Combining Arctic Wolf’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models with Revelstoke’s AI technologies and large language models (LLMs) will bring in the next generation of SOAR capabilities.

It will embed AI directly into the platform to streamline processes, eliminate manual efforts, and accelerate the company’s common data model, built on the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF). This unified approach will lead to advanced threat detection, faster response actions, and a consistent experience across various attack surfaces.

More Robust and Transparent Systems

Ian McShane, Arctic Wolf’s Vice President of Managed Detection and Response (MDR), explained that Revelstoke’s “Rosetta Stone” approach to SOAR aligns with their best-in-class threat detection and response capabilities.

This union of technologies expands technical integration points. It also sets the stage for customizable and curated engagement models. The combined approach creates a more open and transparent security operations approach.

Arctic Wolf’s Security Operations Cloud boasts hundreds of security and technology integrations. They process 4.5 trillion security events per week from a global customer base exceeding 4,600. Revelstoke’s integration will introduce new automation and orchestration features, bolstered by a diverse catalog of integrations across various technology types.

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The more context a security operator has, the more confident their decision-making process becomes, enhancing the speed of security responses. Automation and AI capabilities will further optimize efficiency, making the company’s security operations center (SOC) analysts more effective.

Converting Businesses into SOAR Advocates

Arctic Wolf sees SOAR as a “game-changer” in tackling cyber risks. However, many organizations struggle to realize the operational and cost-saving efficiencies promised by existing SOAR platforms.

The acquisition of Revelstoke addresses this by democratizing SOAR capabilities. With Revelstoke’s SOAR platform and universal data layer integrated into the Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud, organizations of all sizes can access advanced technology and deep security operations expertise. This integration will make SOAR outcomes turnkey for all customers.

For Revelstoke’s existing partners, Arctic Wolf offers opportunities to join the Arctic Wolf Partner Program. This can help the companies create more inclusive and effective cybersecurity solutions.

Bob Kruse, Revelstoke’s Co-founder and CEO, emphasizes that Arctic Wolf is leading the charge in delivering an industry-defining cybersecurity platform for businesses of every size– the addition of Revelstoke’s SOAR technology is set to make a meaningful difference for thousands of customers worldwide.


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