Apple Siri team given choice: Move office with $7,000, or get fired

  • Apple’s San Diego-based Siri team instructed to merge with Austin team, with potential job loss for non-relocating employees.
  • $7,000 stipends offered for relocation, sparking discussions on strategic adjustment or layoff implications.

Amid Apple’s push for AI advancements, the sudden relocation decision for its Siri team raises questions about workforce strategies and competitive positioning. Some may view this move as a strategic workforce adjustment by Apple to consolidate its teams, while others might argue that it resembles a form of layoff, given the potential job loss for those unwilling or unable to relocate.

Siri team ordered to relocate to Apple’s Austin campus

Apple has reportedly instructed its whole San Diego-based Siri quality control team to relocate to its Austin, Texas campus to merge with another team, according to Bloomberg.

Employees who opt not to move may face potential job termination by April 26. While the relocation was initially suggested to be within San Diego, Apple confirmed that the team can continue their roles in Austin.

The abruptness of the move has surprised staff members, who were initially informed of a relocation within San Diego by the end of January.

The 121-member team must decide by the end of January, with potential job loss for those unwilling to move.

Employee decision deadline nears: implications for jobs and AI development

The sudden relocation has sparked discussions about whether this is a strategic workforce adjustment or akin to a layoff. Apple, known for avoiding extensive layoffs in recent years, has presented the move as an opportunity for the team to continue their roles in Austin or apply for other positions within the company.

For those opting to relocate, Apple is offering $7,000 stipends, while others declining the move will receive four weeks of severance, plus an additional week per year worked, along with six months of health insurance.

The San Diego team, responsible for monitoring Siri recordings in various languages, has been a crucial part of Apple’s quality control efforts. Despite strides in AI development, Apple has faced perceptions of lagging behind competitors like Google and Meta in the digital assistant realm. The company’s commitment to catching up is evident in its recent initiatives, including seeking training data from news outlets and optimizing large language models (LLMs) for iPhones.

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As Apple reshapes its workforce dynamics, the outcome of this relocation decision will not only impact the affected employees but may also influence the company’s AI advancements and competitive positioning in the evolving tech landscape.


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