Skatrix Pro: Game turns your home into virtual skate park

  • Skatrix Pro 2.0 introduces full-room mixed reality with Vision Pro, a skatepark builder, and improved hand gestures.
  • Players can interact with real-world objects to perform skate tricks.
  • Eye and hand-tracking technology allows intuitive gameplay without a dedicated controller.

Skatrix Pro’s ability to turn any room into a virtual skatepark differentiates it from other skateboarding games and apps, providing a unique selling point that could attract a broader audience. Its innovative approach to mixed reality gaming positions it as a pioneer in the industry, potentially influencing future developments in the field and inspiring other developers to explore similar concepts.

Dudu, BTW Reporter

Skatrix Pro‘s 2.0 update enhances mixed-reality skateboarding with full-room gameplay

Skatrix Pro 2.0 update revolutionises gameplay

Skatrix Pro, the Vision Pro skateboarding app from legendary skater Rodney Mullen, has been significantly upgraded with its new 2.0 update. Initially launched as a day-one app for Vision Pro earlier this year, Skatrix Pro now features full-room mixed reality gameplay. This includes a skatepark builder, enhanced hand input gestures, and advanced environment sensing, enabling players to skateboard throughout their entire home.

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Enhanced realism and interaction

The updated Skatrix Pro transforms users’ real-world surroundings into a dynamic skatepark environment. According to developer Reality Crisis, this immersive gameplay allows players to interact with virtually any object, shape, or terrain. “This enables players to skate and perform tricks on real elements around them, merging digital game content with physical spaces to create a unique skateboarding experience,” Reality Crisis stated in a blog post.

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Innovative controls with Vision Pro

Since Vision Pro lacks a dedicated motion controller, Skatrix Pro was designed around both eye and hand-tracking. Players can look at any ramp, rail, or spot on the floor they want to skate, then tap their fingers together to send their skater there. Pinching and swiping allow players to perform tricks using the app’s virtual 3D joystick controls, providing a seamless and intuitive gaming experience.

Partnership with Niantic for future development

To bring Skatrix to Vision Pro, developing studio Reality Crisis utilised Niantic’s Lightship platform, including the Lightship Visual Positioning System (VPS). Earlier this year, Reality Crisis and Niantic announced plans to co-publish and co-market the Skatrix franchise over the next seven years.

Skatrix Pro is available exclusively for Vision Pro on the App Store, priced at $20.


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