China electric vehicle marques Nio and Changan Auto make battery-swapping move in alternative to charging stations

  • Chinese Electric Vehicle manufacturer Nio has teamed up with Changan to develop cost-effective battery-swapping electric cars.
  • Key goals include standardizing batteries, building a global swapping network, and establishing a battery investment enterprise.

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Nio announced on November 21 that it will collaborate with the Chinese state-owned enterprise, Changan Automobile, to develop battery-swapping electric cars. The goal is to assist the financially struggling Chinese electric car manufacturer in reducing production costs.

China’s Nio and Changan Auto partnership

This collaboration aims to establish standards for swappable batteries, construct and share battery-swapping networks, and establish an enterprise dedicated to battery investments. According to Nio Official Newsroom, Nio is renowned for operating the world’s largest smart electric vehicle battery-swapping network, boasting over 2,100 power exchange stations globally.

The aim of this strategic partnership is to drive the development of battery-swapping networks and standards, encourage broader adoption of battery-swapping models, and support the further advancement of electric vehicles equipped with battery-swapping technology. Additionally, the collaboration aims to assist Nio in enhancing its profitability amidst increasingly competitive landscapes by reducing cost, strengthening its competitive edge. With 161 years of history and 39 years of automotive manufacturing experience, Changan Automobile has become a leader in the fields of electrification and transformation, making them a valuable partner in Nio’s endeavors.

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This video shows how the battery-swapping EV works. Video from Nio official website.

EV battery swapping

Battery swapping technology is an electric vehicle (EV) technology that allows vehicles to rapidly exchange a depleted battery pack for a fully charged one, providing an alternative to charging. This process involves removing the depleted battery and replacing it with a fully charged one.

Battery swapping aims to provide a charging experience similar to refueling traditional fuel vehicles. This technology holds the potential to revolutionize the electric vehicle industry, making long-distance travel more convenient and accessible. Battery swapping has already been widely adopted in the electric forklift industry, and Nio, a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, is the world’s largest operator of a smart electric vehicle battery-swapping network.

However, according to Power and Beyond, the lack of genuine standardization in battery design currently poses a challenge due to the proprietary nature of battery designs by most car manufacturers. This absence of standardized designs leads to a deficiency in essential cross-platform compatibility required for this technology.

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Nio power exchange stations. Photo from Nio official website.

The collaborative development of battery-swapping electric vehicles by Nio and Changan Automobile is anticipated to have a significant impact on the electric vehicle market in China. This initiative is crucial as China is intensifying its production of new energy and smart connected vehicles. The implementation of Nio’s battery-swapping model signifies a noteworthy milestone in the industry, potentially influencing the overall adoption of electric vehicles in the country.

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