The upcoming Kodak Super 8 film camera: Nostalgia meets cutting-edge tech

  • Kodak’s Super 8, revealed at CES 2016, returns after an eight-year break. The product is expected to be available in December.
  • Kodak’s Super 8 blends nostalgia with modern tech,  reigniting analogue charm in our digital age.
  • Priced at $5,495, the Kodak Super 8 camera sparked controversy, considering traditional models cost a few hundred dollars.

After nearly eight years since its unveiling at CES 2016, Kodak’s new Super 8 film camera is set to make a triumphant return.

Kodak added a “Register to Buy” button for Super 8 film camera, expected to launch in December. This iconic cinematic revival sparks analog filmmaking passion in a digital era.

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The return of Super 8

Kodak is set to release the Super 8 film camera revealed at CES 2016. The product page now has a “Register to Buy” button for interested customers. Vanessa Bendetti, Kodak’s global managing director for motion picture, mentioned the limited U.S. release on December 4, 2023, followed by Canada, the U.K., and other European markets.

Kodak’s Super 8: Nostalgia meets innovation

Kodak’s Super 8 film camera isn’t just a revival; it’s a seamless fusion of nostalgia and cutting-edge technology. In an era dominated by digital, this announcement surprises, hinting at a renewed passion for the tactile and authentic film-shooting experience.

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Rediscovering the charm of analogue filmmaking

In a digital age, Kodak’s revival of the Super 8 format highlights the enduring allure of analogue aesthetics. This camera seamlessly blends classic filmmaking essence with modern features, catering to the needs of today’s creators.

Technical marvels and user-friendly features

The Super 8 camera effortlessly blends nostalgia with contemporary features. Boasting a rotatable 4″ LCD viewfinder, a 16:9 extended door, interchangeable C-mount lenses, and convenient connectivity options, it provides a user-friendly experience.

The built-in 7200mAh battery supports 50 feet of film and charges via micro-USB. Additionally, it integrates the latest cinema technology with KODAK VISION3 film options.

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Availability and future prospects

Despite its advanced features, the Kodak Super 8 camera has faced controversy due to its high suggested retail price of $5,495. 404 Media points out that traditional Super 8 cameras typically cost only a few hundred dollars. Originally planned for a 2016 release with a price range of $400 and $750, the cost escalated to around $2,500 by 2018. The significant price gap with traditional cameras raises questions about its availability and future market positioning.


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