DJI Gives Us a Peak Into Mini 4 Pro Drone  

DJI will soon release the Mini 4 Pro drone and has recently given the world an exciting preview. The drone features omnidirectional active obstacle avoidance, enhancing safety with improved front, back, and lower three-way obstacle avoidance.

 Just like the Mini 3 Pro, But Way Better 

Last year, DJI introduced the Mini 3 Pro drone, marketed as the safest drone in the DJI Mini series, starting at 4,788 yuan.  The Mini 4 Pro retains its compact, foldable design and vertical shooting mode.

The new model weighs less than 249g while maintaining a 34-minute battery life. It boasts “all-round” active obstacle avoidance, waypoint flight, focus tracking, time-lapse photography, and video capabilities improved from 4K/60FPS to 4K/100FPS. It also supports 48-megapixel still photos.

 Upgraded Range 

Check this: the image transmission has been significantly upgraded to 20 kilometers. The Mini 4 Pro aligns closely with the Air 3 in key parameters, addressing some of the limitations of the Mini 3 Pro, including sensor size, video resolution, and perception system.

We are looking at how tech will get us better drone shots each year.

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Is this the drone of the year? Mini 4 Pro by DJI is looking sharp and packs a lot of punch. Read to discover what it offers.


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