Logitech Gives a Shiny Preview of  Go Pro X Superlight 2 

Logitech has just unboxed the G Pro X Superlight 2 gaming mouse and it’s looking promising. The mouse promises higher speed and accuracy, in a bid to help games improve their performance.  

 Faster and Sturdier 

The G Pro X Superlight 2 introduces an upgraded Lightforce Hybrid switch for faster response times and increased durability. Gamers will experience immediate click feedback for precise control in intense gaming environments.

Equipped with a dual-array 25kHz maximum frame rate sensor, support for Hero 2 sensors up to 32,000 DPI, and a maximum acceleration of over 40G. Gamers can look to getting exceptional performance in their hand. It can track at 500 inches per second while providing precise control up to 32,000 DPI.

 More Stable Wireless Connection Logitech has also introduced Lightspeed adapter technology for a more stable wireless connection. It also got a more optimized design,  bringing down the weight to only 60 grams for comfortable extended play. The mouse offers a longer battery life of up to 95 hours and supports USB-C charging, enhancing convenience for gamers.


Ivy Wu

Ivy Wu was a media reporter at btw media. She graduated from Korea University with a major in media and communication, and has rich experience in reporting and news writing.

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