Global patent trends: Huawei, Samsung, and Qualcomm lead, India surges

  • Huawei Technologies, Samsung Electronics, and Qualcomm were the top users of WIPO’s international patent system in 2023.
  • India, Republic of Korea, and Turkey showed consistent year-on-year growth in patent filing activity.
  • Filings through WIPO’s Patent Cooperation Treaty system experienced a 1.8% decline, while international trademark applications decreased by 7% due to rising interest rates and economic uncertainty worldwide.

China-based firm Huawei Technologies, Samsung Electronics of the Republic of Korea, and U.S.-based Qualcomm emerged as the top users of WIPO’s international patent system in 2023. Meanwhile, innovators in India witnessed a nearly 50% surge in patent filing activity, despite a slight softening in global demand for international intellectual property (IP) registrations via WIPO.

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India, along with the Republic of Korea and Turkey, demonstrated consistent year-on-year growth for three consecutive years. However, cross-border patenting via WIPO declined in China and the U.S. – the two largest users of the system.

In light of increasing interest rates and economic uncertainties, filings through WIPO’s Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) system experienced a 1.8% decline, marking the first decrease in 14 years. International trademark applications decreased by 7%, while the international design system saw a 1% growth, primarily driven by expanded activity from China.

Daren Tang, WIPO Director General states that although innovation activity in 2023 was impacted by higher interest rates and economic uncertainties, forecasts of declining inflation rates in 2024, along with promising regions such as India and Southeast Asia, may bolster business confidence and spur innovation investments. This could pave the way for a recovery in international IP filings later this year.

Despite short-term fluctuations, long-term trends indicate a steady rise in IP usage in an increasingly globalized, digital economy. Asia now represents 55.7% of international patent applications via WIPO, up from 40.5% a decade ago. WIPO remains committed to promoting global adoption of IP, particularly among underrepresented groups such as SMEs, youth, and women. Increased innovation and creativity benefit all, regardless of geographical location.

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