Orange launches new GenAI offers end-to-end for French clients

  • Orange Business launches comprehensive GenAI solutions, covering infrastructure (IaaS) and applications (SaaS), providing end-to-end support for GenAI projects.
  • Collaborating with LightOn, Orange delivers a versatile SaaS GenAI solution tailored for SMEs and ETIs, ensuring low error rates and cost control.
  • Orange unveils a GPU as a Service offering for inference and training, empowering customers with flexibility and robust computing power.

Orange Business has introduced new trusted GenAI solutions, establishing comprehensive support for French enterprises’ digital journeys. These offerings encompass infrastructure (IaaS) and applications (SaaS), positioning Orange Business as the the first on the market in providing end-to-end assistance for GenAI projects, from ideation to maintenance. In collaboration with French startup LightOn, Orange Business ensures data sovereignty and effective cost management.

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An SaaS GenAI offer in collaboration with LightOn

Their latest SaaS GenAI solution, developed in partnership with LightOn, targets SMEs and ETIs, offering a versatile service adaptable to various use cases such as document management, content generation, and reporting.

This fully integrated solution provides Large Language Models (LLMs) and intuitive business interfaces, making it highly accessible and customizable for users.

Customers can benefit from the potential of GenAI with a very low error rate. The solution, entirely managed by Orange Business, combines data confidentiality and security with efficient cost control.

Laurent Daudet, CEO of LightOn, expressed the company’s delight in partnering with Orange Business for the launch, emphasizing their commitment to data sovereignty and their role as a strong advocate of open source. Daudet stated that their expertise and established solutions position them as the ideal partner to meet the trusted AI needs of businesses.

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A GPU as a Service for inference and training

Furthermore, Orange Business introduces a GPU as a Service for inference and training, catering to customers seeking complete control over a trusted infrastructure for hosting GenAI projects.

This IaaS offering enables businesses to deploy their own LLMs with a partner of their choice, ensuring flexibility and robust computing power. With dedicated hardware resources (GPUs) on the Cloud Avenue platform, Orange Business empowers customers to train complex models and deploy them at scale, addressing the diverse requirements of GenAI projects.

Training: fine-tuning and specialization through the utilization of servers equipped with ultra-high-performance GPUs. The infrastructure allocated for training is specifically crafted to train intricate models that demand substantial computing power.

Inference: for large-scale GenAI projects. Clients are now provided with dedicated infrastructure to develop and deploy their models for a sizable user base.

About Orange Business

Orange has always upheld its dedication to fostering a digitally responsible ecosystem and serving as a reliable entity that provides access to a conscientious digital realm for all. This commitment is reinforced by the introduction of a Data and Artificial Intelligence Ethics Charter in 2022 and the formation of an Orange Data and AI Ethics Council. Orange remains steadfast in its pursuit of cultivating ethical and responsible practices that bring value to both customers and staff members.

Orange Business caters to diverse business requirements throughout the complete digital value chain with a comprehensive approach. This spans from connectivity to cloud services, covering data management and cybersecurity. The implementation of this strategy incorporates technological, regulatory, and operational strategies to ensure the security, confidentiality of data, and resilience of infrastructure. The introduction of these new offerings in France aligns with this dedication.


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