Game tech firm Square Enix boosts Web3 gaming with HyperPlay

  • Japan’s Square Enix joins forces with HyperPlay, a web3 games platform, in a partnership fuelled by an undisclosed investment aimed at expanding the HyperPlay game store.
  • Square Enix’s investment in HyperPlay underscores its commitment to embracing Web3 technologies. Square Enix’s general manager of investments, lauded HyperPlay’s potential to revolutionise game distribution and business models.
  • HyperPlay’s plans include platform expansion, integration with Amazon Prime, and continuous improvement of the user experience for Web3 gaming.

Japan’s Square Enix, the tech behemoth behind international gaming successes like the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series, has partnered with the cryptocurrency-native web3 games platform HyperPlay.

Square Enix invests in HyperPlay

Web3 gaming utilises blockchain hosting, ensuring games are secure and decentralised. Without a central point of failure, it relies on community consensus for modifications, offering equal access to all players on the network.

Square Enix’s partnership entails an undisclosed investment, with the press release indicating that the funds will fuel the expansion and scaling of the HyperPlay game store.

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In the press release, Square Enix general manager of investments Hideaki Uehara described the partnership and investment as “very exciting,” noting that the company thinks “the HyperPlay team has built an extraordinary product for improving the distribution of games and creating new business models that are more beneficial for game developers.”

Square Enix management is actively working to enhance its organisational structure to embrace technologies such as Web3, blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI).

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HyperPlay to extend platform reach

HyperPlay’s mission involves enabling new business models that align player and developer incentives, fostering a sustainable ecosystem of quality games.

Additionally, HyperPlay plans to expand its platform, integrate with Amazon Prime to offer exclusive benefits, and enhance the user experience for Web3 gaming.


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