Arista unveils C-460 access point: Wi-Fi 7 era begins

  • Arista Networks introduces the C-460 access point, heralding the arrival of Wi-Fi 7 technology with advanced features and capabilities.
  • Arizona State University anticipates the integration of Wi-Fi 7 into its extensive network, expecting enhanced connectivity for various applications such as professional media deployments, meeting venues, and scientific research.
  • The C-460 access point, available in two models, will offer enterprises improved performance and seamless support for bandwidth-intensive applications by summer 2024.

Enterprises are grappling with escalating bandwidth demands, propelled by the proliferation of bandwidth-intensive applications such as AR/VR, multimedia streaming, IoT, and high-density deployments. In response to these challenges, the latest Wi-Fi standard, Wi-Fi 7 (802.11be), is poised to redefine wireless networking.

Wi-Fi 7 (802.11be)

Introducing Arista’s Wi-Fi 7 access point: The C-460

Arista Networks takes a significant step forward in wireless technology with the launch of the C-460 access point (AP). Leveraging the advanced Qualcomm Networking Pro 1220 platform, this flagship AP heralds the era of Wi-Fi 7.

C-460 feature image

Equipped with three 4×4 access radios boasting Wi-Fi 7 capabilities, the C-460 offers wider channels to accommodate greater bandwidth and ensure faster performance. Additionally, it features a dedicated tri-band multifunctional Wi-Fi radio, dual 10GbE PHYs with dual PoE, HADM-enabled BLE IoT radio, and a built-in L1+L5 capable GNSS module.

The C-460 is ‘IoT ready’ and integrates with third-party applications to support use cases like patient tracking, asset tracking, nurse duress, spatial analytics, wayfinding, electronic shelf labels, environment sensors, smart building devices, etc. With the GNSS module, the APs can acquire accurate GPS coordinates for AFC and enable next-generation location-based applications.

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Empowering enterprise connectivity with Arista

Arista Networks, in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, reinforces its commitment to innovation by integrating Wi-Fi 7 into its product portfolio. This alliance aims to provide enterprises with reliable and efficient connectivity solutions, addressing the growing needs of modern business environments. With the C-460 access point, enterprises can expect enhanced connectivity, improved performance, and seamless support for bandwidth-intensive applications.

Arizona State University prepares for Wi-Fi 7 integration

Jorge De Cossio, Senior Director of Digital Infrastructure and Enterprise Technology at Arizona State University, highlighted the university’s extensive Wi-Fi network, currently undergoing an upgrade to Wi-Fi 6/6E. Additionally, they anticipate the advantages of Wi-Fi 7 for specific applications, expecting enhanced bandwidth and reliability in various areas such as professional media deployments, public spaces, meeting venues, scientific research, technology operations, and support for senior leadership teams.

C-460 availability

The C-460 will come in two models: the C-460 with an internal omnidirectional antenna and the C-460E with external antenna connectors. The C-460 & C-460E will be generally available by the summer of 2024.

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About Arista Networks

Arista Networks overview

Arista Networks is an industry leader in data-driven networking solutions, catering to large data center, AI, campus, and routing environments. Founded in 2008 by industry veterans Andy Bechtolsheim, Ken Duda, and David Cheriton, with Jayshree Ullal as CEO, Arista boasts an esteemed leadership team recognized for their expertise and innovation in networking.

The company, publicly traded on the NYSE (ANET) since June 2014, serves over 9,000 cloud customers globally, offering advanced platforms known for availability, agility, automation, analytics, and security.

Partnering for progress: Arista and Qualcomm

Ganesh Swaminathan, Vice President and General Manager of Wireless Infrastructure and Networking at Qualcomm Technologies, acknowledges the collaboration between Arista Networks and Qualcomm Technologies. This partnership signifies a concerted effort to push the boundaries of wireless technology, offering enterprises robust solutions.


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