Which 2 are benefits of oracle cloud infrastructure transit routing?

  • OCI transit routing creates a specialised network solely for Oracle services, facilitating seamless access to over 25 services and ongoing additions.
  • OCI’s robust infrastructure enables effortless scaling of resources to accommodate growing workloads, ensuring optimal performance.
  • With stringent security measures and resilient hardware, OCI transit routing ensures data security and business continuity, bolstering reliability.

OCI transit routing simplifies network connections within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, improving operational efficiency and simplifying management.

–Sissy Li, BTW reporter

If you have organised your resources in multiple VCNs, connecting all of those VCNs to your on-premises network can be a real challenge.At present, your sole alternative is to have FastConnect or IPSec VPN Connect terminate at each VCN. However, this approach entails the expense of multiple FastConnect links, as well as the operational responsibility of configuring a new FastConnect or IPSec connection for each additional VCN you introduce. To address this challenge, Oracle has introduced Oracle Cloud Infrastructure VCN transit routing, presenting a new option.

What is oracle cloud infrastructure transit routing?

Oracle cloud infrastructure transit routing is a conceptual network in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure reserved exclusively for Oracle services. Oracle cloud infrastructure transit routing currently provides access to more than 25 services, with additional Oracle services being added continuously. These services include customer favorites such as Object Storage and Autonomous Database, as well as many other foundational services provided by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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2 benefits of oracle cloud infrastructure transit routing


OCI provides powerful computing, storage and network resources to support workloads of all sizes. Its infrastructure is designed to be high-performance and scalable to meet the needs of large enterprises and innovative companies. By using OCI, users can easily scale their infrastructure based on business needs to handle growing workloads.


OCI employs multi-layered security measures, including network security, authentication, data encryption and compliance controls, to ensure the security and privacy of user data. In addition, OCI’s infrastructure is built on highly reliable hardware and network equipment, with disaster recovery capabilities to ensure user business continuity.

Possible operating procedures

First created a virtual cloud network (VCN) and set up multiple subnets inside it to host different components. For example, a company deployed an interface web server in one subnet, another subnet for the application server, and the database server in a separate subnet.

During the network configuration process, the company decided to open the necessary ports between subnets to ensure smooth communication between the various components. For example, they opened HTTP and HTTPS ports between the front-end web server subnet and the application server subnet to support the loading and secure transmission of web pages.

Additionally, set up a high-availability solution across different regions. To achieve this goal, company deployed load balancers in different regions and routed traffic to the nearest available server through OCI’s network service. In this way, even if a certain area fails, users can access the platform remotely to ensure business continuity and reliability.

By designing and configuring the network, these companies successfully built a high-performance, scalable and reliable e-commerce platform on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to facilitate customers to provide high-quality service experience.


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