TSMC unveils A16 chip technology for faster AI chips 

  • TSMC, the largest contract manufacturer of chips, aims to solidify its position in the industry with the A16 technology
  • The A16 technology enhances the speed of artificial intelligence chips, positioning TSMC in direct competition with Intel in faster chip production.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co plans to launch a new chip manufacturing technology called “A16” in the second half of 2026.

Innovative power delivery mechanism

A standout feature of the A16 technology is its revolutionary power delivery mechanism, enabling the provision of power to computing chips from the chip’s backside. This novel approach not only boosts the speed and efficiency of artificial intelligence chips but also underscores TSMC’s commitment to innovation and technological excellence in the chip manufacturing sector.

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Competition with Intel in chip speed

TSMC’s announcement of the A16 technology sets the stage for heightened competition with its U.S. counterpart, Intel, in the race for accelerated chip production. With Intel’s “14A” technology poised to challenge TSMC’s chip speed dominance in 2026, the industry anticipates a compelling rivalry between these industry giants as they vie for supremacy in chip manufacturing prowess.


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