Prowler’s $6M investment shows confidence in cloud security

  • Prowler, a leading innovator in cloud security, has successfully closed a $6 million initial investment round.
  • Led by Decibel VC, the investment reflects industry confidence in Prowler’s vision for the future of cloud security.
  • Prowler aims to redefine cloud security, making it more accessible, user-friendly, and community-oriented, thereby addressing the evolving needs of digital security in today’s fast-paced landscape.

Leading cloud security innovator Prowler has closed a $6 million initial round of investment.

Decible VC leads Prowler’s $6M investment round

Decibel VC led this funding round, a significant development that demonstrates the industry’s faith in Prowler’s outlook for cloud security in the future.

Prowler is committed to facilitating universal access to and ease of use with cloud security.

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Prowler’s unique approach

The company’s goal was to close a significant gap in the cloud security market by utilizing the founders’ distinct experiences in engineering innovation and open-source community involvement.

With this strategy, Prowler has established itself as a major participant in resolving the issues security teams have in the quickly changing digital landscape of today.

The goal of Prowler is to rethink cloud security in a way that is more community-focused, flexible, and open.


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