What is Westly Group? Venture capital fund, clean energy pioneer

  • Steve Westly founded The Westly Group in 2007 with a straightforward mission: to invest in companies spearheading innovation in clean technology and sustainable energy.
  • The leadership and expertise of The Westly Group are exemplified through a multifaceted approach.

In the heart of Silicon Valley, The Westly Group stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability in the realm of clean technology. Founded by seasoned entrepreneur and former California Controller Steve Westly in 2007, the firm has carved out a distinctive niche by investing in and nurturing startups at the forefront of the green revolution. With a visionary leadership team boasting expertise in finance, technology, and environmental policy, The Westly Group not only identifies promising ventures but also guides them toward impactful solutions that redefine industries and promote global sustainability. This is their story of foresight, strategic investment, and a commitment to shaping a cleaner, more efficient future for all.

Foundation and vision

Steve Westly founded The Westly Group in 2007 with a straightforward mission: to invest in companies spearheading innovation in clean technology and sustainable energy. With a unique blend of experience in both technology and public service, Westly was ideally positioned to spot and nurture startups poised to make a significant environmental and economic impact. The firm zeroes in on sectors like renewable energy, energy efficiency, smart grid technologies, and sustainable transportation. Through these investments, The Westly Group strives to cultivate a future where technological progress and environmental sustainability go hand in hand.

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Investment strategy

Over the years, The Westly Group has distinguished itself through strategic investments in groundbreaking startups, exemplified by Tesla, the trailblazing electric vehicle manufacturer that has revolutionised the automotive industry with its steadfast commitment to sustainable energy. Another standout is Luminar Technologies, a pioneer in autonomous vehicle sensor technology. The firm’s proactive approach in identifying and supporting companies at the vanguard of technological innovation underscores its forward-thinking vision.

The Westly group once invested Tesla

The Westly Group’s portfolio spans diverse sectors within clean technology and sustainable energy solutions. They invest in companies developing innovative renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind, and geothermal power. Additionally, they champion advancements in energy efficiency across buildings, transportation, and industrial sectors. Their portfolio encompasses smart grid technologies for efficient electricity management, alongside sustainable transportation solutions including electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. Beyond energy, they support initiatives in environmental sustainability, including waste management and water conservation technologies.

These strategic investments not only prioritise financial success but also aim to drive significant environmental impact. By promoting resource efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and advancing sustainable development practices globally, The Westly Group plays a pivotal role in creating a more sustainable and efficient world through innovation and strategic investment.

Leadership and expertise

The leadership and expertise of The Westly Group are exemplified through a multifaceted approach.


Led by Steve Westly’s extensive background in technology and public service, the firm demonstrates a keen insight into emerging trends and disruptive technologies within the clean technology sector. This foresight allows them to strategically position themselves ahead of market shifts and capitalise on innovative opportunities.

The leadership team, comprising seasoned experts in finance, technology, and environmental policy, collaborates closely to rigorously evaluate potential investments. Their deep industry knowledge enables thorough assessments of market dynamics, regulatory landscapes, and technological feasibility, ensuring that each investment aligns with the firm’s sustainability goals while maximising potential returns.

Beyond financial backing, The Westly Group provides hands-on operational support to portfolio companies, offering strategic guidance on scaling operations, navigating regulatory challenges, and securing additional funding. This comprehensive support accelerates the growth trajectory of startups and enhances their resilience in competitive markets.

The leadership team also engages actively in advocacy efforts, championing policies that advance clean energy innovation and sustainability.

Through these initiatives, The Westly Group not only drives measurable environmental impact but also solidifies its role as a thought leader at the forefront of sustainable development.

Future outlook and commitment

Looking forward, The Westly Group remains steadfast in expanding its influence within the clean technology sector. Embracing a forward-thinking investment approach and an unwavering dedication to sustainability, the firm continues to seek out opportunities that harmonise financial success with environmental responsibility. Through advocacy for policies supporting clean energy innovation and strategic partnerships with like-minded organisations, The Westly Group aims to make a substantial contribution to a more sustainable global future.


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