Atome and Mastercard team up to grow Philippines gaming market

  • Atome, in collaboration with Mastercard, introduces the “Mastercard Gamer Xchange,” enabling Filipino Atome cardholders to exchange reward points for gaming credits.
  • The latest Atome card iteration not only facilitates online and in-store purchases but also introduces a “Pay in three” or “Pay in six” months option, aligning with the evolving needs of digital-native Gen Z and millennial users in the Philippines.

Through a partnership with payment giant Mastercard, Atome, the digital financial services platform for Southeast Asia, will enable Atome cardholders in the Philippines to exchange reward points for gaming credits through the “Mastercard Gamer Xchange”.

Atome partners with Mastercard

A new turnkey solution called Mastercard Gamer Xchange (MGX) makes it easy for customers to swap their Atome reward points for gaming credits in around 4,000 of the most well-known video games available worldwide.

Based on a 2023 Global Digital Report, the Philippines is the world’s top gaming nation, with over 95% of internet users between the ages of 16 and 64 playing online games.

With the recent release of an improved Atome card, Filipino customers may now shop and make purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted, including online, in-store, and even abroad. The option to “Pay in three” or “Pay in six” months is one of the new features.

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Atome card: Popular among Filipinos

According to Magic Tang, head of cards business at Atome, “We’ve seen a very strong take-up for the Atome Card, especially among digital-native Gen Z and millennial users in the Philippines, with one of the top use cases for the Atome Card being online purchases.”

Additionally, Kaverl Khullar, senior vice president of consumer marketing at Mastercard, also stated: “MGX bridges the world of rewards to the thriving global gaming community, offering an innovative and seamless redemption solution in a new category.

“From eSports viewers to console and smartphone gaming enthusiasts across a range of demographics, it opens new connections to the world’s fastest-expanding entertainment market.”


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