Telenor excels in Q1: Financial growth and strategic AI tie-up

  • Telenor experienced top-line growth in the first quarter with significant revenue and EBITDA increases.
  • The company successfully countered over 500 million digital crime attempts, underlining the escalating cyber security threats.
  • Telenor has initiated a strategic partnership with NVIDIA to integrate AI across all business facets, aiming to enhance operations and customer experiences.

Financial performance in Q1

In the first quarter, Telenor demonstrated significant financial growth, with service revenues rising to NOK 15.8 billion, an organic increase of 5.6% year-over-year. EBITDA grew to NOK 8.5 billion, up by 6.9%, supported by a strong free cash flow of NOK 3.3 billion prior to any mergers and acquisitions.

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Cybersecurity efforts

During the first three months, Telenor intercepted over 500 million attempts at digital crime targeting its Norwegian customers. “The sheer volume of these attacks indicates a severe societal issue, driven by well-organised criminal networks that are leveraging new technologies to scale their operations,” commented Brekke. This marks a nearly 70% increase in attacks compared to the previous quarter, with a corresponding rise in customer demand for security products.

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Strategic collaboration with NVIDIA

This quarter marked the beginning of a strategic partnership between Telenor and NVIDIA, focusing on accelerating AI implementation within the Nordic region. “Our collaboration will span several areas, aiming to embed AI into every aspect of our business, from internal operations to customer interactions. We are set to enhance all AI-amenable processes,” explained Brekke. This initiative underscores Telenor’s commitment to leveraging advanced technology to improve business efficiency and customer service.


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