Hitachi signs $18.9B generative AI partnership with Microsoft

  • Hitachi and Microsoft form a multiyear partnership to integrate Microsoft’s AI and cloud services into Hitachi’s Lumada digital solutions.
  • The collaboration aims to enhance productivity and generate significant revenue through generative AI applications.
  • The partnership includes joint projects on data centre security and sustainability, leveraging Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft’s AI and cloud services, Hitachi is able to enhance customer service. As a result, customers are likely to have better experience.
–Audrey Huang, BTW reporter

Hitachi and Microsoft have deepened their partnership with a significant investment to integrate Microsoft’s AI and cloud technologies into Hitachi’s Lumada business. This strategic move aims to boost productivity and innovation across various sectors, including manufacturing, logistics, and social infrastructure. The collaboration also focuses on enhancing customer service and sustainability through advanced AI tools like GPT-4 and Azure OpenAI Service.

Partnership between Hitachi and Microsoft

Hitachi has reached a partnership with Microsoft, aiming to use Microsoft’s AI and cloud services to enhance its Lumada digital solutions. This collaboration will integrate Azure OpenAI Service and other Microsoft tools into Hitachi’s operations, aiming to improve efficiency and innovation.

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Enhancing productivity and revenue

The partnership is expected to significantly boost Hitachi’s productivity and revenue, with projections indicating $18.9 billion in revenue for Lumada by 2024. This growth is anticipated through the use of generative AI and other advanced technologies provided by Microsoft.

Focus on sustainability and security

The collaboration extends to joint projects focused on improving data centre security and sustainability. Using Microsoft Azure and generative AI, these initiatives aim to deal with critical challenges in maintaining secure and environmental-friendly data operations.


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