ARENA-PAC enables volumetric live performance Sydney-Tokyo

  • ARENA-PAC enabled high-speed connectivity for an interactive live performance between Sydney and Tokyo on December 15, 2023.
  • The event featured a live violin performance spanning 7,800 kilometers, allowing real-time interaction between Tokyo and Sydney.
  • Seamless transmission of volumetric video data was crucial for the success, achieved through collaboration with institutions like Keio University and Canon Inc.

Arterial Research and Educational Network in the Asia Pacific (ARENA-PAC), in collaboration with research and educational networks across the Asia Pacific region, played a crucial role in facilitating high-speed connectivity for an interactive volumetric video-based live performance between Sydney and Tokyo.

This event, which took place on December 15, 2023, saw the transmission of a live violin performance spanning 7,800 kilometers across the ocean over the communication network. The performance enabled real-time interaction and improvisational music co-creation between the performer in Tokyo and the audience in Sydney.

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The violin is performed from the Volumetric Video Studio in TOKYO NODE.

Violin is performed from the Volumetric Video Studio in TOKYO NODE with 57 cameras in the immersive green screen environment, and improvised responding to the audience’s action in Sydney, to co-create the music as participatory music. The Audience in Sydney is able to freely move the viewpoint such as front, side, back, or moving close to the violin.

Audience walking around the performer to move the viewpoint.

The success of this performance hinged on the seamless and stable transmission of volumetric video data, a feat that would have been challenging with conventional circuits. Through close collaboration with institutions such as Keio University Graduate School of Media Design (KMD), Canon Inc., Bascule Inc., and Mori Building Co., Ltd., ARENA-PAC ensured the delivery of an immersive and engaging experience to audiences in both cities.

The involvement of the WIDE Project, alongside the Cyber Civilization Research Center (CCRC) at Keio University, underscores the importance of coordinated efforts in advancing research and education networks to support innovative initiatives like this live performance. Joint efforts are expected to further bridge geographical distances and push the boundaries of technological innovation in the field of live entertainment and connectivity.


ARENA-PAC, facilitated by the Asia Pacific Internet Development Trust (APIDT) and operated by the WIDE Project with support from APNIC, is an educational and research backbone network. It spans the Asia Pacific region, connecting Guam, Tokyo, the Philippines, and Indonesia with high-speed IRU circuits of 10-100Gbps.

About volumetric technology

Volumetric video technology that captures three-dimensional objects or environments from multiple angles simultaneously. This allows viewers to move around and interact with the captured scene as if they were physically present. Unlike traditional video, which is captured from a fixed perspective, volumetric video provides a more immersive experience by capturing depth and spatial information. It is commonly used in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) applications to create lifelike and interactive experiences.


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