Mitr Phol Sugar Corp Ltd: Driving innovation in the global sugar industry

  • Mitr Phol is collaborating with Fiji to address operational issues at sugar mills and enhance future ethanol projects.
  • The company is part of the ‘Future Chef of the World 2024’ initiative, offering full culinary scholarships to foster culinary talents.
  • Mitr Phol leads in sugar production, ethanol, and biomass energy while tackling industry challenges through sustainable practices.

Mitr Phol Sugar Corp Ltd, a prominent Thailand-based conglomerate, continues to play a pivotal role in advancing the sugar industry both domestically and internationally. With a legacy spanning over 60 years, Mitr Phol has cemented its reputation as one of Thailand’s largest and most progressive producers and exporters of sugar. The company’s significant contributions have been instrumental in shaping Thailand’s domestic sugar landscape and extending its influence to global markets, including China, ASEAN, and Australia.

Mitr Phol’s recent collaborations

In a recent initiative, the Fiji government has engaged Mitr Phol Group to address operational issues at the Ba and Lautoka sugar mills and has allocated $100,000 for this project. Sugar Minister Charan Jeath Singh highlighted that officials from Mitr Phol will arrive in Fiji by mid-next month to assess and resolve these problems.

“Their expertise will be invaluable in diagnosing and solving the issues we faced, ensuring a smoother and more productive season.”

Singh, Fijian Minister

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Advancing culinary excellence through strategic partnerships

Additionally, Mitr Phol is contributing to culinary excellence through its partnership with The Food School Bangkok and Betagro Public Company Limited. The ‘Future Chef of the World 2024’ project, launched by these entities, offers full scholarships for professional culinary courses valued at over 1.8 million baht.

“We are excited to support this initiative, providing high-quality ingredients and fostering culinary excellence.”

Mr. Verajet Vongkusolkit, Chief Executive Officer at Thai Sugar, Bioenergy, and New Business Group of Mitr Phol

Innovations and challenges in the sugar industry

Mitr Phol’s operations are extensive, with seven large mills and refineries across Thailand’s central and northeast provinces, boasting a total production capacity of about 2.2 million tons per annum. Over 70% of this production is exported globally. The company also leads in sugarcane research, ethanol production, and biomass power co-generation. Mitr Phol’s ethanol production stands at 1.2 million litres per day, representing a 40% market share. Approximately 20% of its ethanol production is exported. Moreover, Mitr Phol contributes 200 MW of electricity to Thailand’s national grid through co-generation.

The sugar industry, however, faces challenges such as fluctuating global prices, climate change, and sustainability concerns. Mitr Phol addresses these issues through continuous innovation and sustainable practices. Its investment in biofuel, co-generation, and research reflects a proactive approach to these challenges.

About Mitr Phol Sugar Corp Ltd

Mitr Phol Sugar Corp Ltd is one of Thailand’s largest and most progressive sugar producers and exporters, with over 60 years of industry leadership. Operating seven large mills and refineries, Mitr Phol produces 2.2 million tons of sugar annually, exporting over 70% globally. The company also leads in sugarcane research and has significant investments in ethanol, biomass power co-generation, and fibre board production.


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