Huawei hosts cloud database summit in Thailand

  • Huawei CEO David Li emphasized the importance of a prosperous database ecosystem and introduced the company’s latest distributed database technology.
  • Huawei launched an innovative initiative in Thailand aimed at fostering the advancement and utilization of AI-native database technologies.
  • Huawei has driven digital transformation in various sectors while prioritizing cybersecurity and privacy.

Chinese technology giant Huawei on Monday hosted the cloud database summit in Thailand, aiming to empower the public and private sectors with next-generation database technologies and accelerate digitalization in Southeast Asia.

Pioneering AI-native database technologies

David Li, CEO of Huawei Thailand, emphasized the importance of a prosperous database ecosystem, which involves local system integrators, software developers, and applications. He highlighted Huawei’s 20-year investment in database technology and introduced the company’s latest distributed database technology as a powerful tool to maximize the value of data.

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At the summit, Huawei launched a pioneer program to promote the innovation and application of AI-native database technologies in Thailand. About 20 experts from 15 industries, including local customers and partners, shared their insights through keynotes, panels, and a hands-on lab program. The initiative aligns with Thailand’s digital strategy, announced last year, which aspires to transform the country into a data-driven economy.

By hosting this summit, Huawei reinforces its role in driving technological innovation and digital transformation in Thailand and the broader Southeast Asian region.

Rapid growth and commitment to cybersecurity

Since entering the Southeast Asian market in 2019, Huawei’s public cloud services have expanded 20-fold, establishing the company as one of the region’s fastest-growing cloud vendors. Huawei has fostered digital transformation across various sectors, including government, finance, the internet, and retail, said Zeng Xingyun, president of Huawei Cloud Asia Pacific.

Zeng also stressed the importance of cybersecurity and privacy protection, stating that Huawei prioritizes these over commercial interests, with compliance being the top priority. This commitment is crucial as Southeast Asia experiences rapid digitalization.


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