IPv4.Global wins Gold Merit Award for Telecom Business Services

  • IPv4.Global was awarded the Gold Merit Award for Business Services in the Merit Awards for Telecom, recognising its growth and the development of the innovative digital IP address audit tool, ReView.
  • Senior vice president Lee Howard highlighted the company’s dedication to innovation and expansion, transforming the industry into a more consultative approach.

IPv4.Global, a marketplace for IPv4 addresses globally, has announced its receipt of the Gold Merit Award for Business Services in the Merit Awards for Telecom.

The Merit Awards is an independent program that acknowledges global industries and their respective markets.

In the telecom category, IPv4.Global was honoured with the Gold award for its outstanding growth and the creation of an innovative digital IP address audit tool called ReView, developed in partnership with 6connect. This tool provides users with a comprehensive report on the usage of their IP addresses, identifying inefficiencies such as unused IPv4 address blocks. Surplus blocks can then be monetised or repurposed for expansion, thus enhancing network visibility and streamlining growth.

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This continued industry recognition speaks volumes for IPv4.Global’s unmatched growth and transparency in the market. We continue to innovate and expand our offerings to bring a more consultative approach to what was once a purely transactional industry.

Lee Howard, Senior Vice President of IPv4.Global

Lee Howard, senior vice president, pride in the company’s ongoing recognition within the industry, citing the organisation’s dedication to innovation and expansion beyond traditional transactional practices.

The only IPv4 marketplace backed by a large financial organisation

Additionally, IPv4.Global’s transparent online platform has set the standard for IPv4 transactions and transfers, offering tailored solutions for buyers and sellers of all sizes. As a division of Hilco Global, the company benefits from the financial backing of a substantial organisation, providing financial flexibility for all parties involved.

Marie Zander, executive director for Merit Awards, commended the winners for their commitment to excellence and innovation, noting the significant impact of their contributions on the telecommunications sector.

The Merit Awards aim to acknowledge the efforts of global industries and their markets, recognising companies that have contributed to sustained market growth.

About IPv4.Global

IPv4.Global, a division of Hilco Streambank, is an IPv4 marketplaces. Its transparent, public marketplace ensures that buyers and sellers receive good value for their transactions. With a multi-tiered platform and a highly experienced team of transfer analysts, IPv4.Global facilitates transactions of varying IPv4 block sizes, offering credible and transparent services to all stakeholders.


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