HKIIT and ASL sign MoU to nurture IT talent

  • HKIIT and ASL sign MoU to foster IT talent, advance vocational education, and strengthen the IT talent pool in the Greater Bay Area.
  • ASL pledges industrial attachments for HKIIT students, prioritizing graduates for full-time job interviews, enhancing career prospects in the IT sector.
  • HKIIT launches “SkillsUp” initiative for lifelong learning, extending reskilling and upskilling courses to ASL employees, in collaboration with industry partners.

The Hong Kong Institute of Information Technology (HKIIT), a Vocational Training Council (VTC) member institution, and Automated Systems (H.K.) Limited (ASL), a subsidiary of Automated Systems Holdings Limited, have announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The agreement aims to collaboratively nurture IT talent, bolster the IT talent pool in the Greater Bay Area, and advance vocational and professional education and training.

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ASL Boosting IT career opportunities for students

As part of the MoU, ASL will offer HKIIT students opportunities for industrial attachments, providing valuable hands-on experience alongside seasoned IT professionals and exposure to cutting-edge technology. This initiative seeks to facilitate students’ career progression within the IT sector.

Furthermore, ASL pledges to prioritize HKIIT graduates for full-time job interviews, underscoring its commitment to nurturing IT talent and enhancing employment opportunities for HKIIT students.

HKIIT’s ‘SkillsUp’ Initiative: Lifelong learning for industry professionals

In addition to focusing on pre-employment training through Higher Diploma and Diploma of Foundation Studies programmes, HKIIT recognizes the significance of lifelong learning and professional development in the industry. To address this, HKIIT has launched “SkillsUp,” an in-service training initiative. Through collaborations with industry partners, professionals, and stakeholders, HKIIT aims to provide reskilling and upskilling training programmes tailored to industry practitioners, corporate professionals, and the workforce. Under the partnership with ASL, HKIIT will extend “SkillsUP” to offer skills retraining and upskilling courses for ASL employees.

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ASL: 50 years of excellence in technology solutions

ASL corporate video

With over 50 years of experience, ASL is committed to delivering industry-specific solutions, comprehensive network and security management services, and omni-channel integrated managed services to customers across the Greater Bay Area and Asia Pacific. Serving as the unified technology services partner, ASL accelerates organizational success by leveraging unified technologies, resources, teamwork, and shared goals, and has successfully cultivated numerous outstanding IT talents.


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