Digital Realty launches high-density colocation for AI workloads

  • Digital Realty introduces high-density colocation services on its PlatformDIGITAL® platform to address data processing and AI-driven challenges.
  • Key features of the service include support for workloads up to 70 kilowatts per rack, advanced cooling technologies, and global availability in 28 markets.
  • Industry recognition from partners like Cirrascale Cloud Services and research insights from IDC underscore the significance of Digital Realty’s high-density colocation solutions in the AI-driven data landscape.

Digital Realty, a global provider of cloud- and carrier-neutral data center, colocation, and interconnection solutions, has unveiled its latest offering: high-density colocation services available on PlatformDIGITAL®, the company’s global data center platform. These services feature high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure configurations, designed to address the processing and proximity hurdles associated with the rapid, unstructured growth of data and the adoption of AI.

Businesses nowadays grapple with managing vast amounts of data efficiently. The surge in data poses various obstacles, including performance bottlenecks, regulatory complexities, and scalability limitations. To tackle these challenges, companies are increasingly turning to AI for enhanced data analysis and processing.

However, AI technologies demand significant power consumption, necessitating specialized infrastructure with high-power densities and efficient temperature regulation to maintain optimal performance.

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Key features of the high-density colocation services

High-Density support: Capable of handling workloads of up to 70 kilowatts per rack.

Advanced cooling: Utilizes innovative Air-Assisted Liquid Cooling (AALC) technologies.

Global availability: Offered in 28 markets across North America, Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), and Asia-Pacific.

Scalable and sustainable: Provides flexible, sustainable consumption models for seamless scaling.

This offering will enable businesses to unlock new possibilities, quickly deploy high performance infrastructure on a global platform, and achieve optimal performance in the age of AI.

Scott Mills, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Customer Solutions at Digital Realty

Scott Mills, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Customer Solutions at Digital Realty, emphasized the company’s commitment to addressing data management challenges through tailored infrastructure solutions. He highlighted the introduction of standardized configurations and ultra-high-power densities to empower businesses to deploy high-performance infrastructure globally and achieve optimal AI-driven performance.

Industry insights

Digital Realty’s high-density colocation services earn recognition from industry experts and partners for their exceptional performance and support for advanced computing needs.

“As Cirrascale continues to deploy the latest AI accelerators for its AI Innovation Cloud, we’re relying on global data center providers like Digital Realty to supply high-density colocation services that can support the massive per rack kilowatt demands that the next generation of accelerators require. By supporting up to 70 kilowatts per rack, Digital Realty is enabling us to be able to quickly deploy our infrastructure in a dense environment without fear of overheating, throttling, or damage to our high-density servers,” said Dave Driggers, Chief Technology Officer, Cirrascale Cloud Services.

“IDC is forecasting data consumption will grow at a strong rate of over 20% annually in the coming years. Enterprise applications stimulated by the increasing adoption of AI capabilities will drive a significant portion of data consumption. Colocation providers such as Digital Realty are central to the digital ecosystem for managing data workflows. As a global leader in the colocation segment, Digital Realty is ideally positioned to cater to these burgeoning high-density colocation requirements of enterprises as they implement and leverage AI capabilities,” said Courtney Munroe, Research Vice President, IDC.

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“Undoubtedly AI, HPC and video streaming workloads are driving increased demand for capital-intensive, dense computing solutions. To effectively implement these solutions at scale, customers require facilities and services that not only support seamless deployment but also maximize capital utilization. In partnership with Digital Realty, Avnet Integrated acts as a point of engagement, offering end-to-end services for the evaluation – including Avnet Virtual Platforms – design, deployment, and maintenance of cutting-edge, liquid-cooled solutions across Digital Realty’s PlatformDIGITAL®,” said Nicole Enright, President, Avnet Integrated Solutions.

By leveraging PlatformDIGITAL®, Digital Realty enables customers to harness a comprehensive ecosystem of connected data communities, facilitating secure, low-latency connections and high-speed data transfer for optimized high-density colocation deployments.

About Digital Realty

Digital Realty connects businesses and data by providing a comprehensive range of data center, colocation, and interconnection solutions. Through PlatformDIGITAL®, the company’s global data center platform, customers gain access to a secure data “meeting place” and a proven Pervasive Datacenter Architecture (PDx®) solution methodology, enabling them to address Data Gravity challenges efficiently and drive innovation. With a global data center footprint spanning over 300 facilities in 50+ metros across 27 countries on 6 continents, Digital Realty offers customers access to interconnected communities worldwide.


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