TGT clinches 6th consecutive safety award: A beacon of occupational safety excellence

  • Six-time recipient of ‘Safety Performance Award’ underscores TGT’s commitment to excellence.
  • TGT’s proactive safety culture prioritizes well-being, setting industry benchmarks for occupational safety and health.


For an impressive sixth consecutive year, Towngas Telecommunications Company Limited (TGT) has achieved a remarkable milestone by securing the prestigious “Safety Performance Award” from the Occupational Safety and Health Council. This outstanding recognition not only reflects TGT’s consistent dedication but also emphasizes the company’s unwavering commitment to fostering a robust culture of occupational safety and health.

TGT’s achievement in receiving this esteemed award for six consecutive years underscores the company’s exceptional efforts in maintaining the highest standards of safety. This accolade is a testament to TGT’s proactive approach towards ensuring the well-being of its workforce, contractors, customers, and the broader community.

At the heart of TGT’s success is a deeply ingrained commitment to cultivating a culture that prioritizes occupational safety and health. The company’s initiatives go beyond mere compliance, showcasing a proactive and comprehensive approach to creating a safe and secure working environment. This commitment extends throughout the organization, emphasizing the importance of safety at every level.

The acknowledgment from the Occupational Safety and Health Council not only highlights TGT’s excellence in safety practices but also positions the company as a leader in the industry. TGT’s continuous success in receiving this award reinforces its reputation for maintaining the highest standards in occupational safety and health.

As TGT proudly accepts the “Safety Performance Award” for the sixth year running, it sets a benchmark for others in the industry to follow. This achievement is not merely a recognition of past efforts but serves as a motivation for TGT to continue its commitment to safety, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of creating a secure and healthy working environment for its employees, contractors, and the community at large.

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Telecommunications prowess and industry pioneer

As a wholly owned subsidiary of The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited, TGT is not just a telecommunications service provider; it’s a pioneer shaping the industry. Operating as a carrier-neutral entity, TGT leverages advanced Glass-In-Gas (GIG) techniques from Europe, positioning itself as a key player driving innovation and development in the telecommunications landscape.

Expanding frontiers: Mainland China and beyond

Beyond its Hong Kong roots, TGT has strategically expanded into Mainland China, establishing 18 joint venture companies. Embracing the “Big Data” and “5G Communication” eras, TGT has erected six state-of-the-art networked data center halls, addressing the escalating demand for data processing and information technology services with foresight and efficiency.

Synergies in emerging businesses

Integrated within Towngas’s Emerging Businesses, TGT collaborates seamlessly with subsidiaries such as G-Tech Piping System Company Limited (G-Tech), S-Tech Technology Holding Limited (S-Tech), and M-Tech Metering Solutions Company Limited (M-Tech). This holistic approach covers the end-to-end gas business process, creating synergies that drive development and customer satisfaction.

Shaping tomorrow’s cloud services landscape

Looking ahead, TGT envisions becoming the leading cloud services provider in China. With a mission to empower ICT professionals and businesses through reliable cloud infrastructure and services that exceed expectations, TGT stands at the forefront of technological innovation.In summary, Towngas Telecommunications Company Limited (TGT) is more than an award recipient; it’s a trailblazer in safety, innovation, and industry leadership. From safety benchmarks to pioneering telecommunications solutions, TGT’s strategic expansion and integration within the Towngas family position it as a formidable force, shaping the digital landscape of Hong Kong, Mainland China, and beyond.


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