Interview with Benny Lim, Head of Enterprise Data Service Business and Product at AIS

  • Pandemic challenges: AIS, a big mobile operator in Thailand, faced challenges during the pandemic, including business closures and the surge in remote work, impacting the delivery of home connections for SMEs and larger corporations.
  • Enterprise connectivity shift: Benny Lim notes a trend in the enterprise sector towards cloud-based solutions, emphasizing a shift from traditional MPLS to more flexible SD-WAN connections for enhanced efficiency and flexibility.
  • Cybersecurity priority: Lim stresses the critical importance of cybersecurity as organizations adopt cloud technology and data centers. Customers are encouraged to play an active role in advocating for secure cloud technology usage.

In an interview with Benny Lim, Head of Enterprise Data Service Business and Product at AIS, one of Thailand’s leading mobile operators in Atlco, insightful perspectives were shared on the evolving enterprise landscape, particularly in light of the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Lim emphasized a shift to cloud solutions and heightened cybersecurity, urging customer advocacy for secure cloud usage. This positions AIS as a leader shaping Thailand’s future enterprise connectivity in the post-pandemic era.

Interview with Benny Lim, Head of Enterprise Data Service Business and Product at AIS

How has the past 12-24 months been for your business? What are the highlights and challenges?

Over the past two years, the pervasive impact of the pandemic has compelled businesses to adapt rapidly. Lim highlighted the palpable difficulties AIS faced, with businesses shutting down and a surge in the remote work culture. The challenges extended to delivering home connections and posed a threat to the growth of SMEs, as well as larger corporations in the region.

What do you predict for the next 12-24 months, highlights and challenges?

Looking forward, Lim shed light on a notable trend in the enterprise sector—a shift towards cloud-based solutions. Companies are moving away from traditional MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) connections, opting instead for SD1 (SD-WAN, Software-Defined Wide Area Network) connections and a direct link to the internet. This strategic move is driven by a desire for enhanced flexibility and efficiency, acknowledging the limitations posed by the current connectivity landscape.

As enterprises increasingly embrace cloud technology, artificial intelligence, and data centers, Lim underscored the critical importance of cybersecurity. The rise in cyber threats and scams, coupled with the migration of applications to the internet, has propelled security concerns to the forefront. Lim emphasized that organizations are now prioritizing robust cybersecurity measures to safeguard their sensitive data.

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Empowering customers for secure and efficient cloud technology usage

To address these challenges, Lim proposed that customers play an active role in advocating for security and performance in cloud technology usage. Educating end-users on effective cloud utilization and emphasizing heightened security measures will contribute to building a more resilient business environment. By connecting to the cloud in a more efficient and deterministic manner, corporations can elevate their overall business performance.

Adapting to technological shifts: AIS leading the future of enterprise connectivity in Thailand

Lim points out that businesses need to adapt swiftly to this ever-changing landscape to stand undefeated in the competition. By deeply understanding cloud technology and prioritizing security, not only can potential risks be mitigated, but overall business performance can also be enhanced. As Thailand enters the post-pandemic era, actively embracing these technological trends will have a profound impact on achieving sustained growth and increasing global competitiveness. AIS will continue to play a leading role, actively addressing challenges and contributing to shaping the future of enterprise connectivity in Thailand, ushering in a new era for businesses.


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