APNIC 30th Anniversary

This video tells a straightforward tale of apnic’s 30-year history.

APNIC, a global academic networking organization, has celebrated its third decade in existence. Originally founded in Tokyo in 1992, it has grown to serve 2.6 billion Internet users and more than half the global Internet. APNIC economies also comprise more than half the global IPv6 capability. Despite technological and policy changes, APNIC remains committed to a global, open, stable, and secure Internet. The Asia Pacific region, home to nine of the world’s 46 Least Developed Countries, includes 15 states and seven affiliated economies of APNIC Members, as well as global economic superpowers and some of the most populated economies on Earth. The region’s diverse communities emphasize the importance of consensus policy making, and the APNIC community has developed policies that reflect and enable Internet growth, ensuring an Asia Pacific voice is heard globally.

It has adopted various policies, such as the APNIC IPv6 Policy, the IPv6 Portal, the APNIC Academy, the APNIC Resource Library, the No-Action Policy, the IPv4 Exhaustion Dashboard, the IPv6 Task Force, and the IPv6 Challenge. As the registry for half of the global Internet population, APNIC continues to contribute to a secure and open internet.

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Yulan Deng

Yulan Deng is a video producer with a background in University of Arts London. She is passionate about discussing fintech. You can reach out to her at y.l.deng@btw.media.

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