Video: Taylor Swift deepfakes spark AI ethics debate

The discourse surrounding AI and ‘reality infringements’ has entered the realm of a renowned celebrity – Taylor Swift, who recently became the target of deepfake imagery shared online. This issue has underscored one of the most widely discussed concerns regarding generative AI – are the creators and companies involved taking sufficient measures to guard against its misuse?

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has addressed apprehensions about the emergence of explicit AI-generated images featuring Taylor Swift. In an interview with NBC Nightly News, Nadella described the surge in simulated nudity without consent as “shocking and scary,” emphasizing the need for prompt action. Nadella reiterated Microsoft’s commitment to taking necessary steps to ensure safer content creation in the technology space. He highlighted the significance of establishing global social norms, collaborating with law enforcement, and utilizing technology platforms to effectively regulate online content.

Reportedly, Swift is taking matters into her own hands by seeking justice against those who distribute such content. However, for now, Nadella’s primary objective is to enhance the ethical standards within Microsoft’s artificial intelligence division.

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