Zymbit unveils Secure Edge Fabric for improved IoT deployments

  • Zymbit’s Secure Edge Fabric products aim to improve businesses from small IoT tests and continuing in the future.
  • The innovative hybrid design caters to the diverse needs of enterprise IoT, striking a balance among rapid innovation, durability, and cost-effectiveness.
  • The product lineup combines embedded Linux compute nodes with adaptable non-Linux intelligent I/O, ensuring secure edge compute capabilities suitable for various industries.

Zymbit’s new Secure Edge Fabric product lineup and services can better suit the needs of enterprise IoT, benefiting the enterprises.
–Audrey Huang, BTW reporter

Zymbit unveiled its new Secure Edge Fabric product lineup and services on Thursday, aiming to enhance business results starting from initial IoT pilot projects and extending into future endeavours. This innovative hybrid architecture is tailored to meet the various demands of enterprise IoT, including the need for rapid innovation cycles, sustained durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Designed for faster business innovation

Zymbit’s Secure Edge Fabric products are designed on the company’s commitment to delivering professional edge compute solutions with flexibility, security and scalability at their centre. The new product family is designed to meet the growing needs of industries ranging from retail automation to industrial IoT and remote healthcare, where zero-trust environments, rapid innovation cycles and long-term reliable operation are normal.

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Closing the gap between rapid innovation, scale and long-term operation

Zymbit’s Secure Edge Fabric products contain include trusted modular hardware supported by secure supervisor silicon and unified endpoint management tools which free developers to focus on innovation, both in the design lab and in the field. As it’s time to scale up, the company’s products and services are open for enterprise integration. Furthermore, it is also strong enough to withstand real-world operating conditions, and smart enough to support continuous upgrades securely through unattended operation for years.


Audrey Huang

Audrey Huang is an intern news reporter at Blue Tech Wave. She is interested in AI and startup stories. Send tips to a.huang@btw.media.

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