Blecon unveils IoT connectivity solution using bluetooth LE

  • Blecon has launched a new Bluetooth LE-based IoT connectivity solution to simplify and democratize IoT applications, addressing key industry challenges.
  • Bluetooth LE is a trusted, low-cost, low-power technology with widespread use, but its adaptation for IoT applications presents challenges that Blecon’s solution addresses with robust architecture and advanced security.

Blecon, founded by experts from ARM, AWS, and Microsoft, has introduced an innovative IoT connectivity solution leveraging Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). This solution aims to overcome the common difficulties companies face with Bluetooth LE in IoT applications by providing a robust architecture, advanced security, and essential components for seamless device-cloud communication.


Blecon, a company founded by experts from ARM, AWS, and Microsoft, has unveiled a new IoT connectivity solution leveraging Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). This solution aims to address the challenges companies face when integrating Bluetooth LE into their IoT applications. According to Simon Ford, CEO of Blecon, Bluetooth LE has seen remarkable success in personal connectivity and tracking beacons, and Blecon’s new solution aims to simplify its use for IoT connectivity.

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Advantages and challenges in IoT

Bluetooth LE is renowned for being a low-cost, low-power radio technology with extensive market penetration in consumer and industrial devices. It is trusted for its reliability and efficiency, making it a popular choice for various applications. However, despite its advantages, companies often struggle to adapt Bluetooth LE for IoT use cases due to technical complexities.

Economic benefits

Blecon’s solution is designed to reduce various costs associated with IoT connectivity. The widespread adoption of Bluetooth LE and its high silicon integration lower production costs, while self-deployable hardware hotspots and apps reduce deployment costs. Additionally, the productized solution minimises operational costs by handling significant portions of IoT infrastructure responsibilities.


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