Discover the 10 AI Tools Revolutionising the Way We Work

The popularity of AI tools has helped many businesses and individuals access massive information with just a question or two. These tools have had a transformative impact across a wide range of industries. Whether it’s streamlining workflows, enhancing the user experience, or helping with critical decision-making, AI tools play a vital role.

We have consolidated the list of AI tools for various industries and summarised the 10 AI tools you can’t miss in 2023 to best meet your needs — for business, personal or education purposes.

1. ChatGPT

For quick answer and efficencity imporove

ChatGPT has an expansive knowledge base covering multiple industries and subjects and supports over 50 languages.  It can also able to complete tasks like drafting emails, articles, and coding. Using ChatGPT allows you to access professional answers in seconds and boosts your efficiency in daily work.

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2. Jasper

For professional writing

Jasper is the leading AI writing assistant, helping you generate professional phases, paragraphs and articles in various contexts. With over 50 AI writing templates, you can adjust your style, fonts, languages to make it the best writing assistant for you.


For finance tasks

Flow works for finance professionals by automating complex and repetitive processes. It helps finance professionals save more time for important decision-making and marketing expansion. One key feature of Flow is data organizing. You can count on Flow to extract useful data from documents like invoices and bank statements with no errors.

4.Quill bot

For paraphrasing

Quill bot lets you rephrase text in countless ways. It can improve your fluency while also ensuring you have the appropriate vocabulary, tone, and style for any occasion. You can use it in work presentations, public speeches, and academic conferences.

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For computer applications

The PyTorch is a fully featured framework for building deep learning models created by the Linux Foundation and Meta AI. PyTorch enables computation graphs to be modified on the fly. This makes it a popular choice for fast experimentation and prototyping.


For high-level decisions

Planful Predict is a tool as part of FP&A software that is meant for high level CFOs and CEOs. It combines the data integration of FP&A tools along with AI and machine learning to give the most accurate performance and suggestions for driving the business.

7. Crowdstrike

For cyber security

They excel at tackling new threats with machine learning and proactive threat searches. CrowdStrike secures the most critical areas of risk – endpoints and cloud workloads, identity, and data – to keep customers ahead of today’s adversaries and stop breaches.


For photo editing

Editing photos quickly and accurately without all the effort is not impossible with Photoroom. With just a swipe of your fingertip, you can remove unwanted objects and defects or generate studio-quality pictures. All this at twice the accuracy compared to other apps.


For computer vision

OpenCV was built for maximum efficiency and performance of computing-intensive vision tasks. It is often used in factory product inspection, medical imaging, security analysis, human-machine interface, camera calibration. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft are all their clients.


For actionable business forecasting

Aible provides businesses with cutting-edge data science solutions that optimize AI through precise and useful business forecasting. Even for complicated scenarios, Aible finds the most important factors, builds the model, and produces precise forecasts.

AI tools have been widely used in various industries for different purposes. It is foreseeable that AI tools will take an even more important role in the future development and we should actively explore the use of AI tools for business purposes.


Flavie Du

Flavie Du was a senior writer at BTW media focused on blockchain and fintech investment. She graduated from King’s College London.

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