Wearable & powered by GPT-4, the AI Pin will soon drop

Humane’s much-anticipated AI device, the “AI Pin,” is set to hit the market on November 9th. Created by former Apple designers Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, this wearable AI assistant runs on GPT-4.

Humane, the AI tech startup behind the pin, promises to combine cutting-edge technology with a privacy-first approach.

Stand-alone wearable tech

The AI Pin is designed to be a standalone device, which means you won’t need a smartphone to use it. This wearable AI personal assistant operates primarily through voice commands, offering features such as answering calls, sending texts, and responding to user queries.

Additionally, it incorporates a tiny projector so you can work with tasks that require visual interaction.

During a TED conference earlier this year, Chaudhri demonstrated the device’s capabilities, projecting a call notification onto the palm of his hand.

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Chaudhri also showcased the device’s multilingual prowess, asking for a French translation and information about gift shopping locations in the city, illustrating the device’s practical applications.

Privacy-first design

Despite being so close to the skin of its users, Humane emphasizes a “privacy-first” approach with the AI Pin. The device features input sensors, a camera, and a microphone but eliminates the need for a wake word, ensuring that it doesn’t engage in constant listening.

It incorporates a “Trust Light” privacy indicator, which activates when the camera, microphone, or sensors are in use. This indicator not only safeguards user privacy but also alerts those nearby to the device’s active state.

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The AI Pin attaches to the user’s clothing with a magnet. The device was recently showcased at a fashion event by French luxury brand Coperni, where it was seen attached to jacket and blazer lapels, as well as pants pockets, demonstrating its versatility and fashionable appeal.

Keeping up with competition

Humane’s release of the AI Pin comes amid a competitive scene, with companies racing to develop AI-powered devices that capitalize on the current AI wave. Tech giants like Meta have launched AI-integrated smart glasses, while former Apple design chief Sam Altman and OpenAI are reportedly collaborating on an AI hardware device.

Many experts speculate that this new generation of AI-powered devices could become as integral to daily life as smartphones.

Image credit: TED via Youtube


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