South Korea plans US$7B investment in AI

  • South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol said on Tuesday his country will invest 9.4 trillion won (US$6.94 billion) in artificial intelligence by 2027.
  • South Korea is trying to keep pace with countries like the United States, China, and Japan.
  • These countries are also providing substantial policy support to strengthen their semiconductor supply chains.
  • Yoon said the goal is for South Korea to be in the top three in AI technology, including chips, and to have a share of more than 10% in the global system semiconductor market by 2030.

In a bid to consolidate its leadership in semiconductor chips, South Korean President Yoon Seok Yeol on Tuesday unveiled a plan to pump 9.4 trillion won (US$6.94 billion) into artificial intelligence programmes by 2027.

Semiconductors as a key foundation of South Korea’s export-driven economy

The investment plan also includes a separate 1.4 trillion won fund to nurture AI semiconductor companies, aiming to support South Korea’s semiconductor industry in the face of fierce international competition.

Semiconductors are a key pillar of South Korea’s export-oriented economy, with chip exports soaring to a 21-month high of $11.7 billion in March, accounting for nearly a fifth of the country’s total exports.

“Current competition in semiconductors is an industrial war and an all-out war between nations,” Yoon told a meeting of policymakers and chip industry executives on Tuesday.

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South Korea’s future plans for semiconductors

South Korea plans to significantly expand research and development of artificial intelligence chips such as artificial neural processing units (NPU) and next-generation high-bandwidth memory chips through designated investments and funds, according to a government statement.

Additionally, South Korean authorities plan to advance the development of next-generation artificial general intelligence (AGI) and safety technologies, aiming to surpass existing models.

Yoon has a very ambitious vision for Korea in AI, setting a goal of being among the top three in AI technology, including chips and taking a 10% or higher share of the global system semiconductor market by 2030.

Comparable to Korea’s dominance in memory chips over the past three decades, he expressed confidence in Korea’s ability to build a new semiconductor legacy driven by AI innovation.

“Just as we have dominated the world with memory chips for the past 30 years, we will write a new semiconductor myth with AI chips in the next 30 years,” Yoon said.


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