Solos releases AirGo Vision, first GPT-4o enabled smart glasses

  • AirGo Vision smart glasses can recognise locations, objects, surroundings, and once successful can provide more information about the image.
  • Solos AirGo Vision will launch in July and will cost $249.99 for the base model.

AirGo Vision will be able to navigate and narrate landmarks, share next steps in recipes while cooking, assist with learning, and even provide contextual information while shopping. Interestingly, the device is said to be able to search the Internet and find out if there is a better price elsewhere.
–Zora Lin, BTW reporter

What happened

American smart glasses company Solos launches a new AirGo Vision smart glasses with a camera recently, claiming that it is the world’s first smart glasses that support GPT-4o, which will be released later this year, competing with Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses, and the basic model is priced at $249.99.

The Solos AirGo Vision will be the brand’s first smart glasses with a camera. The device is expected to launch later this month. Out of the box, it is said to integrate with OpenAI’s latest AI model, GPT-40, and will provide computer vision capabilities. The device will also work with Google Gemini and Anthropic’s Claude AI.

This innovative product is embedded in the front camera on the right side of the frame, providing users with AI visual search and interaction experience anytime, anywhere. According to reports, AirGo Vision can perform deep visual search, but also can provide information for shopping, navigation, cooking and other life scenes summary.

The Solos AirGo Vision will also come with a replaceable frame. Users can effectively remove the frame containing the camera and replace it with a different set of frames. It will offer users the convenience of not carrying a camera, equipped with speakers and LED lights.

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Why it’s important

The release of AirGo Vision marks a new phase in smart glasses technology. GPT-4o, as an advanced AI model, is integrated into smart glasses to achieve the deep integration of human eyes and AI. This innovation not only enhances the functionality and practicality of smart glasses, but also provides an important technical reference for the future development of wearable devices.

By integrating GPT-4o, AirGo Vision is able to provide a more intelligent and personalised service. Users can interact with the glasses through voice or visual input to get real-time information, translate, correct posture, read recipes, and more. This new interaction will greatly enhance the user experience, making smart glasses a more convenient and efficient life assistant. Smart glasses will also form a linkage with smart phones, smart homes and other devices to build a more intelligent and convenient ecosystem.

The launch of AirGo Vision is not only a product launch, but also an exploration of the future lifestyle. By integrating AI technology, smart glasses are expected to become an important tool for human interaction with the world and bring profound changes to human society.


Zora Lin

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