Apple is bringing AI to the Vision Pro

  • Apple’s AI plans go beyond previously announced iPhones, iPads and Macs to include the Vision Pro.
  • Apple’s introduction of Vision Pro will lead the entire mixed reality device market to develop in intelligent and personalised direction.

The main challenge for Apple in bringing Apple intelligence to the Vision Pro is rethinking what these features would look like in mixed reality, rather than on a MacBook or iPhone screen.
–Zora Lin, BTW reporter

What happened

Apple‘s AI suite, “Apple Intelligence,” is reportedly coming to the Vision Pro headset. At the WWDC developer conference in June, Apple says Apple Intelligence would be available for Macs, iPhones and iPads.

The Vision Pro has 16GB of RAM to support Apple Smart running, and the Vision Pro’s operating system, visionOS, is also essentially a variant of iPadOS. So it won’t be that difficult to adapt Apple’s intelligence to the headset, but relevant features aren’t expected until next year.

Technology reporter Mark Gurman reveals that Apple is likely to announce a new partner for Apple Intelligence this fall, perhaps the Google Gemini chatbot, and AI startup Anthropic is also negotiating with Apple. At present, the only partner of Apple’s intelligence official announcement is OpenAI.

Apple will also change the way it displays the headset in stores, increase potential buyers’ ability to view personal media on the Vision Pro, and change the headband from a single ring to a double ring for greater comfort.

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Why it’s important

By introducing artificial intelligence to Vision Pro, users can enjoy a more intelligent and personalized experience, which is an important attempt by Apple in artificial intelligence and mixed reality technology, helping to promote innovation and development of the entire industry, but also provide more possibilities for future technological innovation.

As one of the core technologies of Apple Inc., Apple Intelligence has been widely used in iPhone, iPad, Mac and other devices. Introducing it into the Vision Pro will further expand the coverage of the Apple ecosystem, help enhance the Apple brand in the minds of users, and further consolidate Apple’s leading position in the global technology market.

Apple also plans to mass-produce AirPods with infrared cameras by 2026. When used with the Vision Pro, these new AirPods can support new spatial audio experiences and gesture controls. This will continue to expand Apple’s market competitiveness and user appeal.


Zora Lin

Zora Lin is an intern news reporter at Blue Tech Wave specialising in Products and AI. She graduated from Chang’an University. Send tips to

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