Quectel presents latest IoT innovations at CommunicAsia 2024

  • Quectel revealed its newest IoT innovations at CommunicAsia 2024 that were held between 29 to 31 May in Singapore.
  • The conference provides a platform for tech companies to engage with their industry peers, share their expertise and showcase their latest innovations.
  • Attendees would have access to experience a number of demonstrations using QuecPython.

Quectel Wireless Solutions is unveiling its latest at CommunicAsia 2024, which lasted from 29 to 31 May in Singapore. Demonstrating its work in providing reliable connectivity for a wide range of applications, including smart cities, automotive, industrial IoT and consumer electronics, the company will be presenting the latest line-up from Quectel such as 5G, Smart, Satellite, and GNSS.

Significance of the conference

Holding from 29 to 31 May in Singapore, CommunicAsia 2024 offers an opportunity for tech companies to exchange their insights with their counterparts within the sector, and present their latest innovations. “At Quectel, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of IoT connectivity and empowering businesses to unlock the full potential of the Internet of Things,” said Norbert Muhrer, the president and CSO of the company.

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Demonstrations at the conference

Attendees will be able to experience a number of demonstrations using QuecPython, a running environment for executing Python code, specifically designed for the IoT. What is more, the demonstrations at the conference also include a Large Screen Scheme for an electric two-wheeler vehicle, which uses the Quectel EC600U and EC200 modules. Besides, QuecOpen, an open-source embedded development platform based on Linux, will also be made available at the conference. Therefore, users can simplify the design and development process for IoT applications.

Attendees at the conference can also expect an immersive journey at the Quectel booth, where pioneering IoT solutions will be unveiled, demonstrating Quectel’s revolve to shape the sector’s future.


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