Microsoft launches all-digital Xbox consoles

  • Microsoft has unveiled an all-digital Xbox Series X and S consoles at the annual Xbox Games Showcase.
  • The annual Xbox Games Showcase featured trailers for over a dozen games, including “Call of Duty” and “Doom: The Dark Ages”.
  • Many showcased games will be available on Xbox Game Pass at launch, emphasising Microsoft’s focus on subscription services.

Nowadays, games have become a big part of leisure for some gamers. They long for new games for a refreshing experience. The launch of Doom, a video game consisting of first-person shooters in which the gamer controls an unnamed space marine commonly referred to as Doomguy, satisfies such a desire.
–Audrey Huang, BTW reporter

Microsoft kicked off its Xbox Games Showcase, revealing a new all-digital Xbox Series X and S, alongside exciting trailers for upcoming titles like “Call of Duty” and “Doom: The Dark Ages”.

Xbox unveils all-digital consoles

Microsoft has introduced an all-digital version of its Xbox Series X and S consoles at the annual Xbox Games Showcase. This move is seen as a strategic shift towards a fully digital gaming experience, aligning with the growing trend of digital downloads and cloud gaming. The new consoles, which do not support physical discs, are expected to improve the convenience for gamers.

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Game trailers

The showcase featured trailers for more than a dozen games, including the highly anticipated next instalment of “Call of Duty” and “Doom: The Dark Ages“. These titles not only cater to the hardcore gaming community but also aim to attract a broader audience with their immersive storylines and advanced gameplay mechanics.

Xbox game pass strategy

A significant number of the games announced at the showcase, including the new “Doom” and “Call of Duty”, will be available on Xbox Game Pass on the day of their launch. This move stresses Microsoft’s commitment to its subscription service model, which provides gamers with access to a vast library of games for a monthly fee. By using Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft aims to improve user engagement and retention, especially during a period of economic uncertainty where consumers are more cautious with their spending.


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