Meta accused of sharing user data with Netflix

  • Recent court documents suggest that Meta (formerly Facebook) may have compromised user privacy by sharing private data and messages with Netflix.
  • The revelation underscores concerns about the relationship between tech giants and the influence of advertising partners on platform decisions.
  • This highlights the critical need for transparency and accountability in safeguarding user data on social media platforms.

Recent court documents unveiled in an ongoing legal dispute have raised concerns about Meta, formerly Facebook, potentially compromising user privacy. The documents suggest that Meta may have shared private data and direct messages (DMs) of its users with Netflix. This revelation highlights the need for stringent privacy measures and transparency in social media platforms.

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There is a close relationship between Meta and Netflix

Moreover, the disclosed documents reveal a close relationship between Meta and Netflix, with implications for platform decisions. It is alleged that Meta’s choice to discontinue original shows, including Jada Pinkett Smith‘s Red Table Talk, might have been influenced by its partnership with Netflix, a major advertising client.

These revelations emphasise the importance of accountability and ethical practices in handling user data, particularly in light of the growing concerns surrounding privacy breaches in the digital age.


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