Top tech news stories today: April 1, 2024

Hong Kong’s Crypto Exchange HKVAEX announces phased shutdown, Netflix takes on Facebook, OpenAI’s voice clone looks good, and more tech news from today.

1. Hong Kong crypto exchange HKVAEX announces phased shutdown

HKVAEX, a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange, has initiated a phased suspension of their services, leading to a complete shutdown by May 1, 2024. (Blockchain News)

2. Polygon Labs CEO criticizes Ethereum Layer 3 networks as Degen mints millionaires

Memecoin trading activity has exploded on Degen, a Layer 3 network that runs on Base, which in turn runs on Ethereum. Polygon Labs’s CEO has criticized L3 chains for drawing value and security away from Ethereum, stating that the company has no plans to work on its own L3 network.  (The Block)

3. Cardano founder unveils critical to-dos for ADA blockchain sustainability

The Cardano blockchain, one of the biggest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, faces a new challenge as staking rewards drop below 3%. According to the Staking Rewards site, the current reward rate for ADA staking is 2.97%. (U Today)

4. Demystifying quantum computing: separating fact from fiction

Quantum computing is one of the hottest and most fascinating frontiers in computing, but for many leaders, it remains shrouded in mystery. Much of that mystery stems from the core differences that set quantum computing apart from conventional computers. (Information Week)

5. Report: Scale cuts off subsidiary’s remote workers in several countries

Scale AI, the data processing company that advertises itself as a way to train generative AI on higher-quality information, has apparently shut down access to its platform in several countries, leaving gig workers in the lurch. (Computer World)

6. The business value of Dell PowerFlex

The business world is one of constant innovation. In other words, businesses that do not innovate or adopt new technology die. (ITPro.)

7. OVHcloud inaugurates quantum computer and offers educational support for the European quantum ecosytem

Europen cloud provider OVHcloud recentlybrought together the European Quantum ecosystem in Croix France to inaugurate the commissioning of the first Quantum computer available from a European Cloud service provider. (Cloudtech)

8. Facebook let Netflix see user DMs, was planning to start own streaming service, claims lawsuit

Meta, whose reputation in safeguarding its customer’s user data and privacy has been shaky at best may be facing a massive trouble. New court documents in an ongoing litigation seem to suggest that Meta may have exposed the private data and DMs of its users to Netflix. (Firstpost.)

9. AI photos show people with secondary breast cancer their lost future

Anyone living with an incurable illness faces the agony of fearing they will miss out on future precious moments with their family. (BBC)

10. Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis gets UK knighthood for ‘services to artificial intelligence’

Demis Hassabis, CEO and one of three founders of Google’s artificial intelligence subsidiary DeepMind, has been awarded a knighthood in the U.K. for “services to artificial intelligence.” (Tech Crunch)

11. OpenAI’s voice cloning AI model only needs a 15-second sample to work

OpenAI is offering limited access to a text-to-voice generation platform it developed called Voice Engine, which can create a synthetic voice based on a 15-second clip of someone’s voice. (The Verge)

12. Microsoft’s Copilot AI set to operate locally on future PCs, says Intel

Intel told Tom’s Hardware that the chatbot could run on future AI-enabled PCs that would need to incorporate neural processing units (NPUs) capable of exceeding 40 trillion operations per second (TOPS) — a performance level not yet matched by any consumer processor currently available. (Computer World)

13. Microsoft reportedly building ‘Stargate’ to transport OpenAI into the future

Microsoft and OpenAI might be concocting a $100 billion supercomputer to accelerate their artificial intelligence models. (Gizmodo)

14. New Quest apps will be unable to support Oculus Quest 1 headsets from May

The Oculus Quest launched back in 2019, just five years ago, but come May new apps released in the Quest Store won’t be playable on the Quest 1. (Rock Paper Shotgun)

15. Semtech enhances global connectivity with NTN support in HL78 modules

Semtech Corporation has announced the integration of non-terrestrial network (NTN) support into its HL series LPWA modules, specifically the HL7810 and HL7812. (IoT Now)

16. Siemens AI vision software powers warehouse automation project

Partnership with Universal Robots and Zivid combines AI, robotics and 3D sensing to create a precise picking and packing warehouse automation solution. (Informa)


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