Kia EV3 debuts with AI assistant and 300+ mile range

  • Kia’s EV3, a smaller version of the EV9, introduces a powerful AI assistant based on ChatGPT for enhanced functionality in trip planning and entertainment. Initially launching in South Korea and Europe, its US release remains unannounced.
  • The EV3 offers a long-range model with an estimated 373 miles per charge, powered by an 81.4kWh battery. A standard model and a sportier GT-line are also available, broadening consumer choices.
  • The interior features include two 12.3-inch screens, a 12-inch heads-up display, and premium streaming on LG’s webOS platform, catering to modern connectivity and entertainment needs while ensuring spacious comfort for five passengers.

Kia introduced the EV3, a compact electric SUV with a ChatGPT-based AI assistant, set to launch in South Korea and Europe, with no confirmed US release date yet. It boasts an impressive 373-mile range on its long-range model and features advanced interior technology with dual screens, premium streaming, and a spacious design for enhanced comfort and connectivity.

Kia EV3 debut

Kia has officially unveiled the EV3, a compact electric SUV, which serves as a smaller counterpart to the larger EV9 model. This new vehicle features a significant innovation: a voice-activated AI assistant based on ChatGPT, enhancing its user interface with capabilities like trip planning and entertainment management. The EV3 is set to first launch in South Korea and Europe, with no specific release date for the US market as of yet.

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Advanced AI features

The EV3 incorporates a cutting-edge AI assistant first seen in Kia’s K4, now improved and integrated into this model. Developed from ChatGPT, the assistant is tailored to provide interactive experiences, handling tasks such as route optimisation and multimedia management. This feature will be available initially in Korea, with plans to expand to European markets later.

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Long-range and luxury

The EV3 is available in a long-range model with an 81.4kWh battery, promising an estimated driving range of about 373 miles according to European standards. It also features luxurious interior tech, including two 12.3-inch screens, a comprehensive infotainment system powered by LG’s webOS, and a setup conducive to comfort with spacious seating for five and premium connectivity options.


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