Alibaba bets on generative AI tools for overseas merchants

  • Alibaba’s international e-commerce arm is leveraging generative AI tools for translation, content creation and product returns.
  • The division, which has 300 million consumers and more than 1 million merchants worldwide, saw significant growth with a 44% increase in revenue last quarter.

Alibaba International Station takes the lead in releasing “Intelligent Purchasing Assistant” last year, upgrading from intelligent image search, intelligent demand release, intelligent communication, intelligent logistics services, etc., to improve procurement efficiency, especially the efficiency of purchasing Chinese goods. The new technology covers all aspects of the transaction between buyers and sellers.
–Zora Lin, BTW reporter

What happened

Zhang Kaifu, vice president of Chinese tech giant Alibaba Group, says Alibaba’s international e-commerce arm is using generative AI tools to help cross-border merchants with translation, content creation and product returns.

Speaking at the next conference in Singapore, Ma, who heads Alibaba International Digital Commerce Group’s AI initiative, says that even in the face of rising tensions between China and U.S., He is also bullish on the potential of AI for the company.

“China is on par with the United States in terms of the speed of (AI) innovation,” says Zhang, who highlights the global development of open source AI technology in China and Europe.

After restructuring its international e-commerce unit into a separate business, the sprawling tech group has been trying to improve its competitiveness in global markets such as AliExpress and Lazada.

Alibaba’s international digital commerce group now has 300 million consumers a year and more than 1 million merchants worldwide. The unit has become one of Alibaba’s brightest growth areas, with profits from October to December up 44% from a year earlier.

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Why it’s important

Alibaba has strengthened its competitiveness in the global market by restructuring its international e-commerce division and leveraging generative AI tools.

Alibaba has leveraged AI technologies, including translation, content creation and processing of product returns, to optimise the operational efficiency and user experience of cross-border e-commerce. This demonstrates the importance and potential of AI in business applications.

Alibaba International Digital Commerce Group has become one of the bright spots of the company’s growth, serving hundreds of millions of consumers and hundreds of thousands of merchants each year, showing its scale and influence in the global market.

This reflects Alibaba’s strategic adjustment in global market expansion and technological innovation, highlighting the important role of AI in cross-border e-commerce and global commerce, helping to promote the company’s business growth and promote the digitisation and intelligence process of the global market.


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