How to access Google’s Gemini?

  • Gemini is Google’s newest large language model (LLM). An LLM serves as the foundation for various AI tools commonly encountered online.
  • To have access to Gemini, you need to go, sign in, accept its terms of service and explore its features.

This article will introduce the definition, ways of having access to Gemini and the differences between it and ChatGPT-4.

What is Gemini?

Gemini is Google’s newest large language model (LLM). An LLM serves as the foundation for various AI tools commonly encountered online. For instance, GPT-4 drives ChatGPT Plus, OpenAI’s premium chatbot. However, Gemini goes beyond being just an AI model; it also serves as the rebranded identity for the Bard chatbot. Essentially, Google has streamlined its terminology by naming both the foundational model and the chatbot itself Gemini.

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How to access Gemini?

1. Go to This URL serves as your gateway to the tool. You can also access it via an Android app, within the Google app on iOS, and through Workspace apps such as Docs or Sheets.

2. Sign in. Click on the Sign in button. Please note: You must have a verified Google account for a user aged 18 or above.

3. Accept Google Gemini Terms of service. Now you need to accept Google Gemini Terms of service. Click more then on the next page click I agree.

4. Explore Gemini features: Learn about Gemini’s capabilities and features outlined on the Google AI page.
5. Start using Gemini. With Gemini open, you can add your image media, type text prompts, or talk to Bard. It will transcribe your voice command and process it the same way as text prompts.

Gemini VS ChatGPT-4: What are the differences?

1. Reasoning and Understanding. Both models demonstrate impressive capabilities in text comprehension and reasoning. However, tests reveal distinct differences: First, general reasoning – Gemini Ultra slightly surpasses GPT-4 in benchmarks testing broad comprehension, logical reasoning, and deriving insights from complex information. Second, common sense – In contrast, GPT-4 shows stronger reasoning abilities in everyday real-world scenarios. This indicates Gemini may excel in advanced domains, while GPT-4 shines in intuitive tasks.

2. Mathematical reasoning. In evaluations of mathematical reasoning skills, Gemini Ultra and GPT-4 perform closely: For basic arithmetic, Gemini Ultra achieves marginally higher scores, demonstrating stronger foundational math skills. Both models excel in advanced mathematical concepts like algebra and calculus, nearly tying in performance. Therefore, while Gemini holds a slight advantage in core mathematics, both models handle university-level problems adeptly.

3. Code generation. Gemini excels notably in this area. Gemini Ultra consistently outperforms GPT-4 by significant margins in coding challenges. This showcases Gemini’s deep proficiency in programming languages and its ability to generate robust code from descriptions. For tasks involving software development, Gemini appears to be the preferred choice over GPT-4.


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