Google seeks to leverage Gemini for school protection

  • Google announced that it is adding data and privacy protection to its school protection policies, which will be integrated into the Gemini initiative.
  • Google provides students and teachers with access to Gemini and promises to protect their privacy.
  • Gemini for Google Workspace will be released on May 23 and will be available in two packages for organisations.

Through Google’s new package offering to schools, we ensure the data and cyber security of students and educators.

Protection for schools

Google‘s Gemini plan aims to provide access to Gemini AI to educators and students aged 18 and above in schools. It promises not to use this data for training AI models or share it with anyone.

Gemini for Google Workspace is set to launch on May 23. There are two packages available: the first being the affordable Gemini Education with monthly usage limits, and the second tier, Education Premium, providing full access to Workspace AI tools, along with additional features such as AI notes/summaries for Google Meet and protection against data loss.

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Google’s Gemini plan

Google announced that Gemini AI will be added to the sidebar of Docs, Drive, Gmail, and other applications on May 15. The right sidebar in Google Workspace apps is now becoming the centrepiece of many of Google’s AI initiatives.

According to Aparna Pappu, the Vice President and General Manager of Workspace, Google users have long been leveraging Gemini to streamline complex multi-app tasks, such as sending emails based on data in Sheets or replying to emails they’re currently viewing.

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Additionally, new accessibility features have been added to Chromebooks, which are currently gaining significant popularity in the education sector. In the coming months, Chromebook’s screen magnifier will feature the ability to follow along as words are read aloud, along with text-to-speech capabilities, aiding individuals with visual impairments.


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