Asana launches ‘AI teammates’ to work with human colleagues

  • Asana introduces “AI teammates” to assist in organisational workflow, aiming to create transparency and personalised AI assistants.
  • The AI teammates evaluate work readiness and interact with human employees to ensure tasks are completed correctly.
  • Asana emphasises ‘human in the loop’ principle, ensuring humans supervise AI decisions to align with company values.

While using AI to assist human beings’ work is nothing new, Asana’s “AI teammates” provide a new perspective for us. Namely, seeing AI as humans’ teammates instead of tools, which prompts us to rethink AI’s role for us.
–Audrey Huang, BTW reporter

Asana’s new AI teammates aim to integrate AI into organisational workflows, providing flexible and transparent assistance. These AI agents interact with human employees to ensure tasks are properly completed, with a focus on keeping human oversight to ensure alignment with company values. This approach uses Asana’s deep understanding of work dynamics to enhance efficiency and accuracy in task management.

Asana’s AI teammates

Asana has launched a beta version of ‘AI teammates’, designed to assist in moving work within organisations. These AI agents are intended to work alongside human employees, providing a structured and transparent approach to task management.

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Enhancing workflow with AI

The AI teammates evaluate the readiness of incoming work and determine if it needs additional input from humans. For instance, if a help ticket lacks sufficient information, the AI can request clarification from the submitter, potentially using generative AI to assist in crafting a clearer message.

Human oversight remains indispensable

Despite the integration of AI, Asana emphasises the importance of human oversight. The ‘human in the loop’ principle ensures that humans remain responsible and accountable for decisions, supervising AI actions to ensure they align with company values and operational standards.


Audrey Huang

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