Xiaomi’s SU7 buyers face up to 7-month wait

  • Xiaomi commenced accepting orders for its SU7 electric vehicle sedan on Thursday, following its announcement of the car’s prices, which start at $29,870.
  • Xiaomi’s app shows the company advising buyers interested in purchasing its new SU7 electric sedan that they may have to wait up to seven months.

Xiaomi started taking orders for its SU7 electric vehicle sedan, and the company advised buyers interested in purchasing its new SU7 electric vehicle sedan that they may have to wait up to seven months.

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The huge demand for Xiaomi SU7

Last Thursday, Xiaomi began allowing consumers to order its SU7 electric vehicle sedan after announcing a starting price of US$29,870 for the vehicle. On Friday night, the company said pre-sales reached 88,898 units in 24 hours.

It’s a sign that the Chinese electric vehicle maker is enjoying strong demand for its cars.

Delivery of the company’s standard SU7 model could take 18-21 weeks, the SU7 Pro 18-21 weeks, and the most expensive model, priced at 299,900 yuan(US$41500), will take 27-30 weeks, according to a Reuters investigation on Monday.

As part of the sales launch, Xiaomi also unveiled two other special edition cars called “Founder’s Edition”, which come with freebies like refrigerators.

5,000 founder’s edition cars sold out immediately after orders opened on Thursday.

Problems encountered in the order

Co-founder and CEO Lei Jun said that during the ordering process for the Founder’s Edition, Xiaomi identified and blocked some abnormal orders and those placed by scalpers.

To avoid this phenomenon, the deposit will not be refunded in the event of subsequent cancellation of an order after it has been successfully placed.


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