Apple surpasses Microsoft to become world’s most valuable company

  • Apple’s shares rise by over 2 per cent, reaching $211.75, achieving a market valuation of $3.25 trillion.
  • Microsoft’s market capitalisation trails slightly behind at $3.24 trillion, while Nvidia stands at $3.06 trillion.

The hype surrounding Siri’s expanded capabilities seems more like a reactive move to competitors rather than a visionary leap forward. It begs the question: is Apple truly driving the next big wave in technology, or are they merely capitalising on incremental upgrades to maintain investor interest?
Dudu, BTW Reporter

Market valuation shift: Apple overtakes Microsoft

On Wednesday, Apple regained its throne as the world’s most valuable company, overtaking Microsoft in market valuation. This strategic ascent underscores Apple’s intensified focus on advancing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

Apple’s stock surged to an all-time high, climbing over 2 per cent to $211.75, thereby pushing its market valuation to $3.25 trillion. In contrast, Microsoft’s market capitalisation lingered close behind at $3.24 trillion, marking a reversal in their positions after five months.

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AI Focus: Driving Apple’s stock surge

The boost in Apple’s shares follows its recent unveiling of AI-driven features and software enhancements at its annual developer conference. CEO Tim Cook underscored enhancements to Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, enabling deeper interactions across messages, emails, calendars, and third-party apps. This strategic emphasis on AI aims to bolster iPhone sales, buoying Apple’s stock and reinforcing investor confidence.

Analysts view these advancements as pivotal amid Apple’s efforts to catch up with industry leaders like Microsoft and Alphabet in AI. Despite earlier concerns over its stock performance, Apple’s recent 10 per cent rise this year, coupled with a robust $110 billion stock buyback plan, has rekindled optimism.

In parallel, Nvidia briefly eclipsed Apple in market value, driven by its AI chip leadership and a remarkable 144 per cent stock surge in 2024. Meanwhile, Tesla has experienced a downturn, contrasting with Apple’s upward trajectory.

Opinion: Apple’s market dominance raises concerns

Apple’s recent surge to reclaim the top spot as the world’s most valuable company might be celebrated on Wall Street, but it raises concerns about the direction of technological innovation. While their focus on AI is commendable, it feels more like a catch-up game rather than groundbreaking advancement. As an avid tech follower, I can’t help but feel that Apple’s dominance in market cap doesn’t necessarily equate to true innovation leadership.

Moreover, while their financial prowess is undeniable, Apple’s track record on user privacy and ethical concerns regarding supply chain practices often take a backseat in discussions about their market dominance. As a consumer, these issues weigh heavily on my perception of their leadership in the industry.

In conclusion, while Apple’s financial success is impressive, I remain cautiously sceptical about whether they are truly pioneering the future of technology or merely riding the wave of incremental improvements and financial manoeuvring. As we celebrate their market achievements, let’s not lose sight of the broader impact and ethical considerations that should accompany such dominance in the tech world.


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