Apple in talks with OpenAI over iPhone AI features

  • Apple and OpenAI are in discussions about integrating OpenAI features into iOS 18.
  • Apple has not responded to Reuters’ requests for comments on the matter.
  • Bloomberg reported Apple’s talks to licence Google’s Gemini chatbot for new iPhone features.

According to a Friday story by Bloomberg News, Apple Inc. and OpenAI have resumed talks over leveraging the startup’s generative AI technology to power certain new features that will be unveiled in the iPhone later this year.

Silent responses

Despite the ongoing discussions, Apple and OpenAI have not provided immediate responses to Reuters requests for comment, maintaining confidentiality and discretion regarding the potential partnership.

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Considering collaboration options

Recent reports from Bloomberg suggest that Apple is also in talks to licence Google’s Gemini chatbot for new iPhone features. Apple has yet to finalise its decision on partnering with OpenAI, Google, or another provider, leaving room for multiple collaboration possibilities.

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Decision-making process

Apple faces the decision dilemma of selecting AI integration partners, with the option of reaching agreements with both OpenAI and Google or exploring alternatives. The selection process involves a careful evaluation of capabilities and compatibility with Apple’s vision for AI integration.

AI strategy unveiled

Apple’s slower pace in rolling out generative AI, compared to competitors like Microsoft and Google, is acknowledged. However, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, announced significant investments in generative AI in February, hinting at upcoming plans to leverage this technology later in the year.


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