Amazon fined $7.8m by Polish consumer regulator

  • Amazon has been fined 31 million zlotys (US$7.8 million) in Poland for misleading consumers about product availability and delivery dates.
  • Amazon’s press office said the company would appeal against the decision.

E-commerce giant Amazon has been hit with a hefty fine of 31 million zlotys (US$7.8 million) by Poland’s consumer protection watchdog, UOKiK, for deceptive practices related to product availability and delivery commitments.

Amazon offers misleading dates

“The average consumer has the right to assume that the purchase options, availability, and delivery times offered by traders are not misleading,” stated Tomasz Chrostny, the head of UOKiK, emphasizing the importance of transparency and reliability in online transactions.

Chrostny said UOKiK questioned the practice of displaying a time counter on the screen that indicates a period when an order should be placed, without guaranteeing that it will arrive within a given time.

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Amazon’s response

In response to the penalty, Amazon’s press office said the company would appeal against the decision.

According to Reuters, Amazon’s press office emphasised its commitment to customer satisfaction, noting that while most deliveries are on time, Amazon acknowledged that occasional delays or order cancellations occur and promised to address such issues immediately.

“Over the last year, we have collaborated with UOKiK and proposed multiple voluntary amendments to continue to improve the customer experience on Amazon. We strictly follow legal standards in all countries where we operate and we strongly disagree with the assessment and penalty issued by the UOKiK,” Amazon stated in an emailed response.


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