What chip suppliers does NVIDIA work with?

  • Samsung Electronics supplies memory components, including GDDR memory, enhancing NVIDIA’s GPU performance.
  • Micron Technology is a key supplier of high-speed and high-capacity memory modules for NVIDIA’s GPUs.
  • SK Hynix provides memory technologies like High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) for select NVIDIA GPUs.

NVIDIA, a leading semiconductor company renowned for its graphics processing units (GPUs) and AI computing technologies, relies on a diverse network of suppliers to provide the essential components and technologies needed for its chip manufacturing processes. These suppliers play a vital role in NVIDIA’s supply chain, contributing to the production of high-performance GPUs and semiconductor products that power a wide range of applications, from gaming and data centres to autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence.

Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company 

TSMC, the world’s largest dedicated semiconductor foundry, is a key supplier for NVIDIA, particularly in the production of advanced GPU architectures. TSMC’s cutting-edge manufacturing processes, such as its 7nm and 5nm nodes, enable NVIDIA to develop high-performance GPUs with improved power efficiency and computational capabilities.

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Samsung electronics

Samsung, a global leader in semiconductor manufacturing, provides key components and technologies to NVIDIA for its GPU products. Samsung’s expertise in memory solutions, advanced process technologies, and display technologies contributes to NVIDIA’s product lineup, including graphics cards and mobile GPUs.

Micron technology

Micron, a leading memory chip manufacturer, supplies memory solutions to NVIDIA, including the GDDR memory used in NVIDIA’s GPUs. Micron’s high-speed and high-capacity memory chips enable NVIDIA’s GPUs to deliver superior graphics performance, memory bandwidth, and overall computing capabilities.

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SK hynix

SK Hynix, a major player in the memory chip industry, is another key supplier for NVIDIA, providing a range of memory solutions, including GDDR memory and High Bandwidth Memory (HBM). SK Hynix’s memory technologies enhance the performance and efficiency of NVIDIA’s GPUs, enabling advanced graphics rendering and data processing capabilities.


GlobalFoundries, a semiconductor foundry with advanced manufacturing capabilities, has collaborated with NVIDIA on certain chip components. GlobalFoundries’ manufacturing expertise and production facilities contribute to NVIDIA’s supply chain, supporting the development of GPUs and semiconductor products for various applications.


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